The Credits You Need To Get Your AA

Before you move onto a four year university, or even before you start taking classes that have to do with your major – you have to have a certain amount of credits in certain subjects to complete your undergrad courses and receive your AA degree. You’ll have to check with your school to see how many credits are needed, but for general studies – most schools say you need 48 credit hours – and this is based on the logic that being a full-time student means you’re taking 12 credits per semester, and undergraduate courses should only take about two years. Now, your college may be different so please check and don’t take my word as truth!

I'm sure getting a degree is one of the most liberating feelings. (photo by MDGovpics)

I’m sure getting a degree is one of the most liberating feelings. (photo by MDGovpics)

Think about school as logically as possible – what have you been doing for the first thirteen years of school? Mathematics, sciences, social studies, and english – with foreign language and specific electives that your school required too! Basically, you get to have your pick of what you want to take in those subjects. Just make sure that the credits will transfer to a four year university and you will be a-ok! Also, if you have a four year university in mind to transfer to, find out what credits they require to complete their undergrad program – because those are the classes you need to take.

Hopefully the college you plan to attend has a physical list of the classes you can choose to complete your AA degree. If not, hopefully one you can print out yourself – because it will make it a lot easier to cross off and pick what you do and what you do not want to take.

Do you have AP or dual enrollment credits that count towards your AA degree? That’s something you need to figure out! I looked at my prospective four year university’s list of undergrad courses – and found out that I actually had a semester’s worth of credits already from all of the courses I took back in high school!

Do you perhaps speak a language that you didn’t take a course for in high school, such as spanish? You may be able to take a proficiency test and opt out of taking that course if you pass! Ask your advisors and counselors if you feel that you would be able to do this.

The best thing to do is finish up all of the general education classes you need first. If you have a clue what you’re going to pick as your major, then you can find out the prerequisites you need to get in that major in your four year university and take those as well – to make things a lot smoother and a lot timelier.

So hopefully this article has helped you out a bit – because even though I couldn’t be specific since everyone’s school situation is different, and the schools have different policies – hopefully, you know what to do a little bit more now than prior to reading this article!

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