The “Easiest” Classes to Take at College

Let’s say, for example, that you, a student accepted into an university, are very nervous about your college courses. I mean, after all, going into your freshman year of college is expensive – and you may be living in somewhat of a culture shock as a result of it. Yes, you could go full throttle into your courses, not worrying about their level of difficulty just yet. However, you could also plan accordingly – taking both difficult and “fun” or “easy” courses that still count towards your associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. So how do you know what classes are difficult and strenuous? How do you know what classes are easy and fun?

Basic math may be an "easy" college course you want to take! (photo by Horia Varlan)

Basic math may be an “easy” college course you want to take! (photo by Horia Varlan)

According to campusexplorer, though no classes are certainly easy or regarded as less important than others, some are ritualistically easier in the amount of effort you may have to put into the class. The classes they deem as the least strenuous are as follows:

  • Introduction to Physical Education
    If you’re a health junkie like I am, you probably know the information they are going to give you in this course. From understanding what a calorie is, to properly performing exercises, this class is one of the “easiest” in college.
  • A basic Mathematics course
    Basic math, such as elementary statistics or college algebra, are more about development and appreciation than application, according to the article, “Easiest College Classes.”

Collegeconfidential states that, in order to better identify easy courses, one must generally look for things such as a low course number, no prerequisites, the key words, “Intro to,” “Survey of,” and “General” are indicators of basic, easy courses in college.

You get the point, the classes listed above are going to barely strain you as long as you actually do the work given. Beware of getting lazy because classes are too “easy” though. It is easy to become unmotivated because you are breezing through the class! Do not forget that these classes, regardless of how easy, affect your grade point average as all the other ones do!

Though there are many benefits to taking hard classes in your first year of college, such as learning how to handle difficult tasks, in the end, employers are not going to look at your classes – they are going to be looking at your grade point averages after you graduate college. To put it simply, if you can’t handle the hard courses, then don’t take too many. Your grade point average, if lowered enough, can take away the scholarships and grants that you worked so hard for. It can even lead to academic probation – a scary, anxiety-filled place for any college student!

Another way to see how courses – not generalized, but specified to each individual college – are regarding level of difficulty is to utilize sites such as It is here at this site, and many others like it, that students can speak of their teachers and the courses they teach – whether or not they deemed the courses hard, easy, fair, unjust, etc…


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