The Effect of Exercise on Our Brain

The brain consists of many parts that are responsible for various tasks. Human beings require a brain to live, therefore, it holds the most importance in our body next to the heart. As it tries to function at its best, the brain relies on each part for a different chore. For example, the cerebellum is part of the hindbrain and controls our balance and maintains muscle coordination while the hippocampus plays a role in our learning, memory, and ability to compare sensory information to expectations. Each structure holds a different function. The brain is even working when we’re sleeping – which makes it important for it to receive rest and relaxation at every chance possible. An efficient way to do so is through exercise.

Exercise is the best way to maintain a healthy body and in turn, helps the brain function easier. It relieves the stress and reduces tiredness. It may even increase energy in individuals when done properly. Some methods to try are are the following:

Taking a Walk – This method is the easiest and can be done by everybody. Step away from your table and stop stressing over the next exam. This forces people to go outside and let go of stress. Instead they are walking and allowing their brain to rest. Yes, it does fuel the parts that control our muscle coordination and balance but it lets the part of it that requires the most effort rest. It has also been proven that walking benefits your ability to make decisions. It clears your mind and in return, you can make a more adequate choice instead of being clogged up by other issues. The walk does not need to be long. It may be a mile or two, or simply for ten minutes tops. As you begin this routine every day, the brain grows a habit out of it. Then it stops to rest and picks back up where you started but better.

Playing basketball increases wellness. (Photo courtesy to: j9sk9s on Flickr)

Playing a Sport – I am not referring to the competitive sense of sports, but the games or matches that enable one to let loose and just enjoy. For example, basketball. Although an individual may need to use its coordination and senses to position their arms correctly for a shot, they are, in those fleeting moments, thinking of only the game. In tennis they are hitting the ball at the right angle and with a determined amount of strength. As a result, they are increasing wellness in their body and in their brain. Do this thirty minutes a day and realize the difference. From the brink of time, we were born to be outside and adapt to our surroundings. We were not meant to work in an enclosed cubicle, we are supposed to grow through nature. Therefore moving around and being active helps us think better.

Both of these methods relate to our wellness – a healthy state of being allows our brain to function at its best. The result benefits our education, well being, and self esteem. The way we think and live is changed.

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