The “Hardest” College Courses

As I discussed in my last post, The Easiest Classes to Take at College, there are certain criteria that make college courses deemed “easy.” Among these reasons are the professor, if they are basic courses, and if they have a low course number. These are the top two “Hardest” College Courses in the Country, as according to hercampus.

Thermodynamics courses may be some of the most difficult courses at Purdue University. (photo by Arenamontanus)

Thermodynamics courses may be some of the most difficult courses at Purdue University. (photo by Arenamontanus)

Purdue University is notoriously known for its rigorous courses in engineering. The course Thermodynamics II is ranked as heavy on myedu. (Thermodynamics is the science of heat transfer, for those who had no clue what it was, as I did!)

Advanced Philosophy courses as offered at New York University are not for the average person. Those who love and enjoy intellectual thinking and have an understanding of philosophy are more suited for these courses (specifically, metaphysics and epistemology.)

So what makes these courses difficult?

Obviously, they are advanced courses – requiring prerequisites and are suited towards graduates and those with decided majors in specific subjects.

Another feat of difficult courses may be the professor. Using sites such as to evaluate teachers as well as difficulty of courses may help aide you in choosing the correct college courses for yourself. These teachers may be rated by how easily their handwriting is read, how rigorous the course work is, and how forgiving the teachers are regarding curvatures on exams. It’s really all up to the student to give their input on the classes. It can be a help; you may want to give your input on professors to help other students as they evaluate which courses they are interested in.

A tip to help those who are undecided about taking difficult courses may want to introspect upon what their abilities and skills are. For example, one who is horrible at subjects in math should not take Math 55 at Harvard – according to hercampus, Math 55 covers two years of curriculum within one year. Because of the amount of stuff to cover in the curriculum, one can expect to spend anywhere from between twenty-four to sixty hours doing classwork per week.

Let’s say that you are unable to handle a difficult course. What then should you do? Let’s say dropping out is not an option that is likely for you; doing things like hiring tutors and turning off your cell phone during the courses can substantially help you. When it comes down to it, you’re not going to be great at every subject. Instead, try the hardest you can, and if you absolutely can not handle the rigor of the course work, set up an appointment with your professor about what you can do to achieve success in the course. Chances are, there is something that they can advise you to do that will prove beneficial.

In any case, here are education-portal’s “10 Tips for Handling Difficult Classes.” Being equipped for difficult classes is probably one of the best things you can do before you dive into a rigorous course that will leave you crying blood, sweat, and tears.

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