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Do you think that I misspelled “advantage?” Actually, I did not! They are basically synonyms; you can have an advantage economically through the program, Higher EdVantage, which started in May of 2012 in the lovely state of Massachusetts. In fact, the Higher EdVantage is a tool that one may utilize to help finances in getting ready for and continuing post secondary education. Their goal is to save students and parents money, realizing that things such as the fiscal cliff and increasing tuition prices are crippling society’s minds eager for a college education.

The one thing many successful high school students may lack: money. (photo by Tax Credits)

The one thing many successful high school students may lack: money. (photo by Tax Credits)

From their website,, you can see several tools that they explain and describe. These tools to help you are as follows in summary:

  1. Step-by-Step:

    This is the process by which they will help you on your path to a successful future. They aim to familiarize themselves with your plan, as well as evaluate the dreams you may have for future implementation. Once they observe you, your parents, and finances, they are able to propose a plan of action without breaking the bank.

  2. Point A to Point B:

    At the end of the program, you and your family will accordingly come out “on top,” with minimum debt. Experts will work with you to maximize profits from financial aids and will seek to make you look the most desirable.

  3. What Those at Higher EdVantage Believe in:

    Higher education is the best possible thing a student could do for themselves – because although you can become successful without the aide of a college degree, as these famous people did, a college degree may create the biggest probability of success in the career field of your choosing. They understand that graduating on time will save you money and time spent in formal education.

Aesthetically, the website has fairly easy navigation and even offers an animated video to help you understand what they are all about. Even the least technologically savvy of parents can use this website with ease. If you would like to view the video, click this link. Here is another for your liking. Accessibility is not hindered either; their website includes links to their Linkedin page, Facebook page, Twitter page, and Google Plus page. Nothing like a program that will help you in ways you can really connect with, right?

So why exactly are they qualified to help you in your endeavors to pay for college, you ask? Jeff Gaudette, the president of the Higher EdVantage, is certified in College Planning through NICCP, or the National Institute of Certified College Planners. To listen to a radio talk show in which Jeff Guadette speaks of the Higher EdVantage, view this link. I, personally, listened to the talk show and thought it was very insightful as to how the program works.

Point is, if you need help, this program may be something you wish to look into. With college tuition rising and our wallets with way too much room to breathe for comfort, the Higher EdVantage may help you in ways you least expected they could.

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