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What are the hottest degrees to get on line? Every year tens of thousands of Americans go back to school and try to improve their education through distance learning classes. The economy, and trends in hiring, influence how and what these people choose to study. What jobs are available, and what fields are starting to “boom” will draw people to different areas of study, to boost their value as an employee or prospective employee.

Computer technology is one of the hottest fields of study, photo by The National Guard

Computer technology is one of the hottest fields of study, photo by The National Guard

Nothing booms forever, and trends are constantly changing. The question is, does a person attend school for a specific degree simply for one particular job? If so, it could end up back firing, and if that job (or entire field) cools off, then what are you going to use that new degree for?

Recently Yahoo news published an interesting article about the five hottest degrees in on line education. It’s got some very good information in it, but it only discusses the here and now. Are these degrees timeless, however, or are they short tern achievements?

Computer and Information Technology – Nothing has changed the face of the job market like computer technology. In the last decade rapidly accessible and interactive technology has destroyed sections of job field, and opened up others. But everything is significantly different then it used to be. And while nothing is certain, it seems that computers in one form or another will continue to evolve, and evolve the job market as they go. To me, this says that learning coding, computing, hard ware, and software, is a smart investment with a strong future.

Nursing – One job market that computers haven’t diminished is the nursing field. While nurses always use new technology, a nurse is something that cannot be replaced – not just for the tasks of caring for patients and keeping records, but also for the all important trouble shooting they do. A nurse takes her education into the field, and uses it to reduce suffering and save lives. This is an inelastic market, the demand for nurses is always high.

Business – In 2010, over four hundred thousand students got their on line business degrees. While this may seem like the market for business jobs is now flooded, consider that a business degree can help you out in a lot of ways. Aside from being an analyst or financial planner, a business degree can help entrepreneurs start their own businesses, and can help streamline and improve any existing business.

Health Care Administration – This field is really anybody’s guess. With the passage of recent federal programs, the future of the American health care system as we know it is subject to change. For better or worse, change is coming, and how that will effect the infrastructure of the health care field is a subject for debate. Perhaps the impact will be minimal, in which case the degree will remain very valuable. But if there are fundamental changes, and the need for administration declines, the value of the degree may decline.

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