The Impact of Extracurricular Activities

Some people indulge themselves in extracurricular activities out of simple interest. Others are doing it out of expectations from their parents or peers. While some rather engage in their own personal hobbies. Although it may just be a time consumer for many, it goes beyond the black and white exterior. Every extracurricular activity has a purpose and has taught further than its basic routine.


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In baseball you learn how to swing a bat and hit a ball in a perfect strike. In basketball you use your hand-eye coordination along with swift leg movements to dribble the ball down the court to lay down the swish. In tennis you learn how to perform the perfect stroke for the ball to land right where you intended. What you may not notice is these sports help build your self confidence. They place you in a team setting and allow you to feel like you are important or belong to something. That game winning shot is what propels you to wake up the next day and feel a sense of accomplishment. Those hours spent practicing every day of the week paid off in the game. It may have been merely a game, but in those fleeting moments, the world is captured on you. You show them all the determination, sweat, and motivation that brought you where you were. Often, the ability to feel all of this is the only thing driving some young teens. They may live in a negative environment but every time they get the chance to play the game they love, all of the rest is ignored. For some, it may be their only ticket into a better life and brighter future. It is their plan to fallback on if their grades are not the highest.


In theater you reenact plays by famous poets like William Shakespeare or Sophocles. It requires individuals to tap into their own lives to project emotions portrayed in the text. For some, it is their dream to play a certain role and for others it is just the chance to escape their very own reality. It is because those brief moments allow them to live another life, maybe in different time period. Theater impacts students to aspire to be more.


Band creates a connection between the musician and the instrument. To hit the right note and play in perfect harmony is an art in its self. A band, much like other extracurricular activities, pulls the students together. They are able to cooperate and become more than a band but a family. Band teaches beyond musical lessons, but life lessons. It is their chance to see things from more than one point of view. It may also be bringing two profound ideas together and improving it.


Dance intertwines one self with the swift movements of their body. The creativity progresses overtime through practice with different music and dancing styles to working within a group. Dance helps the students learn how to work together and in sync. Often, people may find themselves in these extracurricular activities with people that are just like them.

Every single one of the extracurricular activities teaches a lesson, improves one self, and surpasses the base line of its core.

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