The Impact of High School

In life we all undergo dramatic changes and learn new concepts and aspects of life every day. Whether we learn it from our parents, friends, or peers, we are and always learn something new. When we are young our parents teach us manners and the difference between right and wrong. However, as we grow older, this perspective of moral shifts. We begin experiencing and learning first hand about the factor itself. When does it affect us the most? When is the point that defines who we are for the rest of our lives?

The four years that will change and shape your life most is in high school. It is the most pertinent and definite point for us to experience it all for ourselves. Yes it does teach us the basic introductory courses to college and the scope of education on a basic level, but is that really where we attain the most importantĀ specsĀ of life?


The fact of the matter is high school – if it intends to or not, teaches us about the social factor in life. Those four years are where former friendships drift, new ones are formed, and conflicts occur between. You will meet people you know are going to always be there for you in the future. No matter what happens, they are permanent. While there are friends you know for the time being. They are there to talk to, have fun with, but the connection is not as strong to imprint. On the other hand, there are the friends that you have known before high school and for the most part, the rest of your lives. Those are the ones that have the most impact. In essence, high school will teach you how to cope with pressured situations from your friends and allow you to learn who you can trust. It builds the foundation of half your support system in your life and broadens your scope of experiences. In order to learn and understand what the world is about, you need to know how to deal with the people you meet. This preps for future purposes like your career and college.

Time Management


Learn to manage your time. (Photo credits to Simon Shek on Flickr)


School has always functioned with a set bell schedule and reinforced tardies, but are they actually having the effect they intends? Yes, but in high school it has the most impact. Since high school is where everything counts towards college and where you will head later on in life, it places a huge jump ahead of elementary and middle. Also, we are more aware of what is going on. High school forces you to learn how to get somewhere on time. Furthermore, it is where the work load piles up. There will be an excess amount of due dates and assignments to turn in. The teachers rarely watch over you and it basically creates that transition to the real world. As this factor is created it alters the wires in our routine and daily habits to manage our time correctly.

Overall, high school is more than the cliche aspects portrayed in movies. It is not about the parties, activities, or “freedom.” It is about learning, learning that goes past the borderline academics.


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