The Importance of an Education

It’s no wonder that many of our students think to themselves that education is a joke, when we use standardized testing as a means of judging IQ, when that is simply not the case. We find here that there are students who are considered intelligent, but lazy. And it’s frustrating – but it could very well be their lack of work ethic, or their rebellion against the school system (both of which end up being the fault of the student in question.) We find that their GPA has more weight than their actual knowledge does – which is a bit distressing to those who value true education. So what is true education? And why is it important, with all things considered?

An education is the difference between the cultivated and the uncultivated. An education is the difference between a low crime rate and a high crime rate. Several authorities have said so in quote. An education is the safest route to a life where you’re well-off. Although the piece of paper you are given upon graduating college won’t necessarily ensure that you will get the job, it is important to up your chances of it.

Think, this is just one class of people who want the same jobs as you do. (photo by wikimedia commons)

Think, this is just one class of people who want the same jobs as you do. (photo by wikimedia commons)

Education was given to create a division. Education was a means of getting somewhere, but it wasn’t meant for everyone. In fact, the first college was meant for people who intended to be ministers and work for faith. Still, it seems these days everyone is trying to acquire one – because they’ve caught on to the secret that others have already figured out. It’s completely understandable – who doesn’t want more opportunities and a heftier paycheck? It’s simple. But that doesn’t negate the fact that it simply wasn’t made for everyone.

Now, because everyone is after an education – you need it just to stay at an average rate. Most jobs these days require Master’s degrees in their respective fields. And why? Because now, everyone is qualified to do the job that they weren’t able to do in the past. Now, there’s more competition. And no one wants to settle for an adequate employee – they want the best!

Frankly, without an education, you won’t be the best. And yes, we at Distance Learning understand that there are some instances where that’s not the case – such as Bill Gates. But you’re not Bill Gates. It’s a security issue; not any other issue.

Now, at the end of the day it is your choice to pursue an education or not. Some people end up more than content in their lives regardless. Some people climb the corporate ladder from the lowest point on. And some people go to trade school instead of college. Really, there are so many paths to take – which is a great thing considering if you make a mistake, you can change your mind and start fresh, and it’s almost like it never even mattered.

Anyway, that’s why an education is important. It’s all for well-being. It just takes time, money, and effort to get there.


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