The Knowledge That Nature Holds

Look outside and what do you see? Trees? Natural and unnatural lights? There is more than what meets the eye. A tree does more than stand and a lake does more than lay. When you take the time to really look at the world around us, there is so much we can learn from and grow from. Knowledge isn’t only growing in books, there are many flowers of knowledge in bloom in the land we walk on. So what exactly can we benefit from nature besides resources and having a place to live on?

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What nature teaches us.(photo credit storyvillegirl)

Nature teaches us how to be resourceful and how to be grateful. We tend to yearn for money and for the material world. Yet we do not thank the trees for giving us oxygen or thank the sun for giving us a bright day. The rain falls on our land and grows us food. We have grown to expect and not to appreciate. If you take a look outside you will see how beautifully the world works in unison as a cycle.

The plants grow, the weather changes, and the animals continue their circle of life. So knowing this how can we use it to our advantage? We can live in a more peaceful way. We can use our land more resourcefully by making the land to our use without wasting anything. We can also make better choices. When we pursue something and perhaps not succeed as to how we wanted to, calm down and find a new route instead of breaking down or freaking out. Look at how peaceful and quiet the world is when everyone is asleep. We cause our own distractions and issues. We need to understand the world to succeed in it.

Besides the beauty in nature, it also teaches on how the world works. Competition in animals is a representation of humans. Natural selection and adaption resembles human innovation and development. We learn to keep growing and trying if we want to succeed. We must learn what we can and apply it to our lives. How humans treat their offspring and how they treat fellow animals represents us as well. We will do anything for our kids to grow how we think they should. We also are defensive against the unknown. When an animal is unaware of a species, it will be on attack and when a human is unaware of a race, they will be on the defensive as well.

Nature is calm and strong. It does photosynthesis when needed and repairs land when needed. It goes on despite any disruption from animals or humans. That is how we should live. We should get our education and follow our goals despite any obstacle. We should strive to get as much knowledge as possible.

So go to a beach or walk around your neighborhood once in a while if you need to be reminded on how to reach your goals in a calm way. Fill your mind with knowledge and become a part of the world. Education is all around us whether we do not realize it at first. Open your eyes to all the educational possibilities and pursue your dreams. The abilities of your mind are endless.

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