The Mistakes Every Freshman Makes

This article is intended for us first-time college students. We spent four years climbing our way to our senior year of high school, stock full of privilege and laziness, and now we’re at the bottom again. This time, it doesn’t matter, because no one can tell the difference – in fact, no one cares! But for those of us who are incoming collegiate freshmen, we see our mistakes tenfold what others see them as. Regardless, there are always going to be mistakes – but these are the ones worth making.

"I know you like to party but the party never stops." - Emery (photo by Ariaski)

“I know you like to party but the party never stops.” – Emery (photo by Ariaski)

#1. Missing Parties

It’s been told to me over and over again that while you’re in college, sleep is optional. And it’s true! But there are just sometimes where you have to throw in the towel, because you know damn well that your 8AM class’ professor takes attendance. Just remember, it’s okay to miss parties – there will always, always, always be another one you can go to – and preferably one that won’t interrupt your school schedule.

#2. Failing an Exam

Failing teaches you both that you didn’t prepare well, and that you frankly did not know the information. It defines our weaknesses and our strengths. Failing is a surefire way to success, as twisted as that may seem to you right now. The first failure always sets you up for the next best thing – that is, if you’re not harboring sadness over your failing exam grade.

#3. Picking a Major, Far Too Soon

They say that the average college student will change their major three times. That’s why students aren’t finishing school in the approximate amount of time, which is four years. They’re doing it in five – in six. You get the idea. However, this isn’t necessarily bad. Do you want to be in debt for something you don’t care for and probably won’t stick with as a career? The answer is no – in case you’re sitting at your computer desk and being stubborn about it. It’s okay. You’re young. You don’t have to know which direction you’re going, as long as you know you’re moving up.

#4. People are Impermanent

If you’re a girl, you already know this one well. People come and go. Your best friend now may not be your best friend later. I say that girls will specifically understand because we fight like cats and dogs with each other. And if it ended when we got to college, I’d be surprised. But college is a time for change – a time for finding yourself and a time for realizing your own individualistic potential. So when your friends change, and you’re sitting there wondering why – don’t. It’s natural. Don’t force something that doesn’t work anymore.

In any case, these are the mistakes that every college freshman will make. You’ll find that college can be a wonderful, free-spirited time if you allow it to be. Don’t get caught up on things that in the big spectrum, aren’t going to hold you back. Use everything as a means to get on top. You’ll do just fine.

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