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The New School (formerly known as New School University) is a university that is located in New York City, New York. The New School is a university of progressive philosophy that is a culmination of eight subsidiary schools. Students of all different backgrounds can find what they need for whatever major or concentration they wish to pursue. There are 88 different programs at the undergraduate level that span a large variety of topics. In addition, class sizes are kept small for education that requires the finest attention to details and students are placed in an environment that is only aimed forward.

The New School features a variety of educational opportunities hosted in an adaptable online setting that is designed specifically for distance education purposes. Students can choose from online classes, certificate programs, undergraduate degree programs, and graduate degree programs that take them from start to finish 100% online. All courses and content provided by the New School is backed with ample accreditation and the quality instruction that the New School has become known for.

One such program of study, for example, is the Associate of Applied Science in Fashion Marketing. This program reflects today’s global fashion market and offers asynchronous courses that can be fit into the student’s schedule. Students gain access to CAD (computer aided design), photoshop, and other design software. Careers that are targeted by this degree include, but are not limited to Fashion Publishing, Global Sourcing, Manufacturing, Product Development, and Fashion Marketing.

Another program offered at the New School leads to a Master of Arts in Media Studies. Whereas most programs focus on either studying the nature of media or producing media, the Master’s program at the New School integrates both in an all-encompassing education. Students work with film, audio, video, and digital media. Students participating in this program can use this to many advantages, from enhancing their career to starting one anew.

Students at the undergraduate level that are enrolling full-time will pay $32,695 per year and, when enrolling part-time, $1,150 per credit hour. Graduate students will pay $28,716 when enrolling on a full-time basis and $1,508 per credit hour when enrolling on a part-time basis. An education priced above $30,000/year can be rather steep. Fortunately, 82% of students at the New School are receiving financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants are dispersed to 2 out of 9 New School students as an approximate yearly average. State and local sources combine together to give 1 out of 11 students grants and awards for tuition purposes. The New School itself supplies 3 out of 4 students with scholarships, institutional grants, and academic awards based on a variety of factors and standards.

The New School represents a university that is looking into the future. Students that enroll here are motivated and set to take their education to the next level. Distance learners can participate in a variety of programs and these programs are likely to expand in diversity and number in the near future.

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