The Old, But More Common Drug: Molly

The reason that I’m talking about drugs on an education-based website is simply because the drug is being marketed toward the college age group – the age group that these same articles are based for – the teens and the young adults. You’ve probably heard it in Kanye’s song, “Blood on the Leaves,” or maybe if pop culture isn’t your thing, Portugal. The Man’s song, “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” – which refers to the colors of the pills. Lately, it seems that everyone is talking about Molly.

You can see the faint rave bracelets in the background. (photo by tanjila)

You can see the faint rave bracelets in the background. (photo by tanjila)

For those of you who don’t know of the drug at all, it’s Ecstasy. A drug that has been around since 1910 – but has recently gained popularity with today’s youth.

It’s gained popularity with the electronic music scene – growing from the rave culture to dubstep and other branches of electronic music. Now, more and more kids are using Molly and the effects are brutal at best.

According to the article as linked here, two young adults were pronounced dead and four were hospitalized for usage of Molly at a large electronic music festival in New York City. That’s simply from one event. The article also states that since 2004, the number of hospitalizations from Ecstasy have doubled.

Since that article was published, another has died. New York City actually ended up cancelling the last day of the music festival to ensure that no one else would die or be hospitalized specifically from that event.

The reason this is important is simply for awareness of the drug – the more you know, the less people will do it, and thus, less people will die from it. It’s simple. From a historical perspective, we can watch how the drug evolves in society from it’s creation to it’s uprising now. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes in the future.

The supposed problem is that when ravers are in the scene, and they’re on the drug, it’s hard to tell if you’re going too fast because of the upbeat scenery, or because of the drug. It’s hard to know when to stop, and often people overdose on the drug as a result.

Many users are stating that it’s a safer drug because molly is a purer form of ecstasy – but that is not the case. With any drug that is a street drug, it isn’t regulated by the government, so it’s never truly ensured to be “pure.”

Currently, MDMA is classified as a Schedule One drug, which basically means that there is no accepted medical use as of current, and a high potential for misuse and abuse.

 Those who are going to take it regardless of whether or not they hear people dying from it should at least be knowledgeable about what they are really getting into. Molly is an addictive drug. Molly is much like the effects of speed mixed with good, love-y feelings. Molly is a question mark. Literally.

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