The Path After The Walk to the Diploma

Four years of high school seems like they would take forever to go by but they go in a flash and the start of your adult life will be waiting around the corner. Parents and kids should discuss with each other options and wants. College is a good and common choice after high school and it is such an anticipated and exciting time of your life.

What to do after earning your diploma. (Photo credit grodt1987)

The choosing of your university, career, and how to get accepted are nerve racking but can be easily tamed. There are some people like me that have known what college they have wanted to be in since they were young and won’t take no for an answer from that school. If you are sure of one school, work as hard as you can, put your heart out on the application and hope for the best. If you have no idea what school to go to, try thinking about what kind of career you would like to be in and see what schools are known for that and pick among those.

No matter what, always-and I mean always apply to more than one school. Even if you have straight A’s since you were in diapers and have been in every club imaginable, you should always have a backup. Hopefully you will get in where you want to but if not, maybe there is another school that may be even a better fit.

Not everyone is meant to go to college but there are other ways to pursue education without going to a university. There are more types of knowledge that are out there for you to obtain. There are many technical schools where you can get a more hands on kind of learning experience and start a job earlier. Many people also choose the military and some see that as an easy way out but it really isn’t. You have to learn many team values and physical techniques. There’s more to it than a camouflage uniform and a gun. You could be in the Navy, Army, Air force, etc.   Whichever branch suits you best. You can rank up to an officer position or you can even end up teaching recruits. You can even be a doctor or nurse in the military. If you don’t know all of the benefits from joining the military, take a look at the top 10 reasons to join the military.

Some people don’t want to do any kind of school but want to start working and they can go into a business and work their way up. You can be a cashier and end up a manager. You could also look at the most popular jobs currently and pick accordingly such as a career in early childhood education. The most important part about choosing what to do after high school, pick something that suits you and makes you work to the best of your ability.

Think about the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears; she didn’t want a bed too big or porridge too hot. Don’t pick a career that is too easy for you or too hard. Don’t pick anything just because someone else wants you to. Pick something that is the right fit for you. What you choose will determine your future but you always have time to edit things along the way. Close your eyes and think about your life after getting your diploma handed to you, open them and think of what career path you see.

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