The Proclaimed Best Cities for Education

As of current, we are not under the Common Core State Standards that I have discussed in the past. We are, however, in the transition to making education standardized in more than forty states. For the time being, there are certain places that have the proclaimed name of “best cities” for educational purposes. These are cities a young family may want to consider in raising a child, or perhaps a college student might want to know to get the most out of the outrageous prices that accompany college life. Either way, here is a list of the best places for education as correlated to status and prestige of college as well as best places for education as by state and city.

What characterizes an educationally stable city? (photo by Kevin Dooley)

What characterizes an educationally stable city? (photo by Kevin Dooley)

Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to one of the best colleges Рin fact, the first college that ever existed in the US. If you are not aware what college I am speaking of, it is Harvard university. Cambridge, Massachusetts is accordingly one of the best known places for academic endeavor as well as having 129 of 780 Nobel Prize winners being affiliated with schools in the area. Obviously, Cambridge, Massachusetts have given themselves a name for education and all things intelligence. Accordingly the Massachusetts locations that I previously spoke of are home to over 2/3 of their young population (between the ages of 18 and 34) who have Bachelors degrees in their respective fields, making the state statistically educated.

According to usnews, the ten most educated US cities are as follows: Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina, Madison, Wisconson, Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Massachusetts, San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, California, Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Connecticut, San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, California, Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC- Va. -Md, -WV, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the most educated city, Boulder, Colorado.

Boulder, Colorado is the most educated metropolitan area due to its university location (the University of Colorado is located there!) and its host of scientific institutes such as the Geological Society of America and the Space Science Institute. According to money.cnn, it is no surprise that Boulder is also one of the best places to live – not only is there an abundance of ways to exercise and relax, but their upper class housing allows for a certain type of charm.

For those who wish to look at the proclaimed best cities for education in a not collegiate stance, has a list of the top ten best places for educational purposes for children. Burlington, Vermont is supposedly the best city for education considering that small class sizes are prominent in this small town. Even for your pre-K and preschool aged children, Burlington is home to several day cares that hold the accreditation of the National Association for the Education of Young People.

So there you have it – several lists of what people consider the best cities for education and why. However, it is not the city that makes one intelligent – it is the effort and determination one has regardless of where they are at.

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