The Proclaimed Best Twitter Accounts to Follow (About Education!)

One of the most prominent resources for educational information is the internet. On it, are various social media sites that people utilize to keep in touch and on top of one another’s findings. Twitter, as aforementioned in the article, Twitter and Education, is one of the best ways to utilize information on the internet because of its limitations in characters but effectiveness in portraying information. I have compiled several Twitter accounts to share with you all, that have been proclaimed by several different sites as “top” of their class.

Twitter is one of the more effective ways of spreading new educational information. (photo by eldh)

Twitter is one of the more effective ways of spreading new educational information. (photo by eldh)

The Practical

  1. @TweetMyJobs is a twitter account that shares job openings around the nation as well as advice on interviews, resumes, and all things job related. As I spoke of in my last post, after college, preparing yourself for your first career or real job is going to take most of your time and you may want advice on how to put yourself one step ahead of everyone else.
  2. @FAFSA, if you don’t already know what benefits it provides, is a way by which the government can supply you money for college expenses. It is a form of student aid that must be utilized to receive any grant money, and even apply for certain scholarships. FAFSA is an aid based on the principle of “first come, first serve.” It doesn’t matter if you’re the poorest of the poor – if you did not fill out your fafsa until the last minute, there’s only so much money that can be dispersed to you.

The Others

Although these Twitter accounts aren’t necessarily practical, they are worthwhile if you desire to have information about the subjects that I will describe below.

  1. @Edutopia is basically a way to portray new and current ideas about the education system, technology with education, and among other things. Edutopia, founded by George Lucas, tweets subjects such as “Great Tips for Students,” “How to Redirect Energy to Successfully Deal with Challenges,” and even, “Building a Sense of Urgency in the Classroom.”
  2. @SirKenRobinson, if you don’t remember him from my past post entitled, “Creativity Stifled in Schools,” then you may want to visit that post. Sir Ken Robinson, a TEDxtalk representative who speaks of creativity in the school system, has over 150,000 followers on Twitter for obvious reasons. His insights are profound to say the least and has been gaining lots of popularity!
  3. @Hgse, a Harvard Education twitter account, is a good account to follow on the basis of the fact that a lot of what the students at Harvard are researching will directly impact our future. As states, “…Some of it might very well indicate future policies and initiatives.”

These happen to be my top five favorite educational twitter accounts. There is a professional side of twitter that is awesome. It helps to expand your network as well as, as this post suggests, enable you to information you otherwise would not receive (or at least not receive as fast as others!)

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