The Pros and Cons of Mixing Friendship with Work

Through the courses of our lives, each individual has stumbled upon the question as to whether mixing friendship with work will be beneficial or harmful. Although the answer to that is essentially¬†circumstantial¬† there are ways to argue both sides. The phrase is usually “mixing friendship with business” but this is in reference with business and your education.


You ever believe your friend has the most phenomenal idea that has ever been manifested? So much that you would invest in their idea? Well the thing is, when you are investing in their new idea, you are putting more than your common faith and money into this deal. You are placing your friendship on the line. You may think it is not a huge deal but when your friend’s idea tumbles, it could affect your friendship. Somewhere down the road you two may not be as close as you were. You will stop telling each other about your businesses and you will immediately notice the change. Nevertheless, your faith in them could benefit you. You made a wise choice and your friend is making bank with your investment. This will allow you to become wealthier while knowing your faith in your friend was all worth it. There is always a good or bad side. Furthermore, you may want to become business partners. You believe you have chosen the right friend but no one will always have the same ideas and perspectives. You and your friend’s ideas and view points will clash with the next step in the business. This could lead to your friendship being harmed because of your constant disagreements. On the other hand, you are friends and clearly you two could survive through the deepest. Everything is circumstantial, your choices just need to be carefully thought out.


Should friends be mixed with business? (Photo credits to City of Marietta, GA on Flickr)


Aside from business, this topic may be appropriate with your education. Obviously, when you teacher or professor assigns a partner/group project your reflex is to look over at your friend, exchange locked glances, and you would have chosen your partner. Primarily this may be a good thing for you but it also comes with the possibility of faltering. For example, although your friend is your partner and you have avoided all the awkward conversations and eye contact with a complete stranger, it could directly affect your grade and your friendship at that. When working with your friend, it is awfully difficult to focus and get anything done without getting off task catching up on the latest show or drama in school. While with a stranger your odds of having a conversation other than about the project at hand is slim to none. Moreover, if you and your friend have a disagreement over how the project should look, that sensitivity within your friendship could be affected.

Overall, there are pros and cons to sharing your friendship with work. It is what your circumstance is and how you decide to go about with your choices. Therefore, there is no perfect answer to this question. It is essentially up to you.


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