The Real Cost of Skipping Class

Sometimes, life happens and you’re bound to miss a class. I didn’t realize how hard I made it on myself to not only take morning classes, but to also remain in school Monday through Friday. It’s definitely not the same feeling as the Monday through Friday high school life, but it is a bit of a struggle some mornings. But if you need motivation to push through, we can look at several things. We can look at quotes to continue education. But what hits more at home is that college is expensive – and with every single class that you skip, you are essentially wasting x amount of dollars.

Oh, the days that we actually were forced to stay in class. (photo by USAG-Humphreys)

Oh, the days that we actually were forced to stay in class. (photo by USAG-Humphreys)

Because we pay for the class in total, we don’t think about how much a single class costs. USA Today Educate’s article quotes “The Daily Collegian” when they printed that “…Adding up the costs of tuition and then dividing the sum by the amount of credit hours enrolled in per week can show the value of each lecture attended or missed.”

Depending on the college in question, the costs can be significantly different.

CMC Students have been quoted to have said in their newspaper, “For the cost of attending a [once-a-week] seminar class, you could buy a ticket to Coachella, fly round-trip to New York, get a suite at the Wynn hotel in Vegas, buy an iPad, or get 26 guest meals at [the campus dining hall]. For missing a twice-a-week class, you are throwing away a pair of Beats, a chance to go skydiving, or 10 handles of liquid courage. For the cost of missing a Monday/Wednesday/Friday class, you could see 12 movies… buy yourself a Kindle, or take a certain Forum writer on a very nice date.”

But let’s say you’re not spending a lot of money on your classes. Let’s say you’re like the kids at the University of Louisville. Your classes this semester are only $31.25. But that adds up so quickly. That’s virtually wasting four and a half hours at a minimum wage job. It’s not cool when you think about it that way.

All I can say is that we are extremely lucky to be fortunate enough to go to school. At my physical work, one of the franchises that my manager also runs has closed down. Now, he’s still on a full time pay roll – and there’s only one person on staff at my job, at all times. That means all of our hours are gone. Our boss basically told the entire staff to go out and find another job. Because he can’t guarantee there will be weeks where we will have hours at all.

The reason I am pointing out that is simply because one of his employees at the other location apparently bursted out in tears because she was saving up to go to college and now is out of a job.

If we take the time to think about things like that, we’re going to appreciate class more. We’re not going to waste our money. Right?

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2 comments on “The Real Cost of Skipping Class
  1. Vacation N Vegas says:

    Dear Amber Herriman,
    Along the same lines,, I skipped a couple days and now i have truancy and my parents said if it cost them any money they are taking my car tv laptop cellphone video games and grounding me for 3 months is there a way to talk my way out of this or a way to suck up to the judge so he dropes the charges or gives me a class to take or something?
    Nice One!
    Lonnie Gibson

    • Amber Herriman says:

      That’s all subjective based on you. I would just be honest that you have made a mistake and then make it a point to not let it happen again. What happens after that is out of my, and your control.

      Amber Herriman

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