The Realism of College

We talk a lot about how broke we are. We talk a lot about how we stay up all night trying to finish projects and papers. The point is, we talk a lot. But there are things that are over-exaggerated about college. These are the realisms of college: these are things that I had wish I had known before starting college.

You're not alone. (photo by Pink Sherbet Photography)

You’re not alone. (photo by Pink Sherbet Photography)

#1. You’re Not Alone.

You think that you’re alone once you’re at college. You think your parents aren’t going to be there for you to hold your hand through things. And it’s true – to an extent, but you’re not as alone as you think you are. You’re not all of a sudden an adult going solo – your parents haven’t disowned you. You can still call them to ask for help and what not.

#2. You Have No Idea How Much College Costs.

I think that we can talk numbers all day, but we’ll forget expenses. From the pens to the printer ink to the paper clips, we forget essential things that add up quickly. We may be in more debt than expected. Who knows!

#3. Your Lifestyle Will Change.

College is like a roller coaster. It’s the first time you’re technically on your own, and chances are you haven’t figured out just yet how to balance college, work, and having too much fun. You’ll probably be very tired – but you’ll probably feel like (at least for the fun part) that it was worth it.

#4. Professors Are Not Teachers.

It’s up to you to do your work now. No one is going to give you a break. You’re responsible for your work, yourself, and all other things about you. Professors are not teachers. Professors are lecturers.

#5. Procrastination Has More Consequences Than Ever Before.

We were used to procrastinating in high school and getting away with it. The thing is, we can’t really do that anymore. It’s a “death sentence.” We don’t realize how quickly time passes when we procrastinate – much more, we underestimate how long it will take to complete homework.

#4. Your Grades Will Fluctuate.

In high school, it was easy to make good grades. It was easy to pass through high school with over a 4.0 without barely trying. Now, things take a little bit more time and dedication. Now, you have to realize that your grades won’t remain perfect through your entire time at college. Sometimes things happen. Sometimes life happens.

#5. You Need Sleep.

You have thought for most of your life that you were too old for a bed time. That you would be fine on multiple nights of four hours of sleep. No. You’re wrong. Your parents were right to set one for you. You’re just going to have to deal with it – but granted, I think after a couple of hours each night you’ll be begging for sleep.

#6. You Have Time.

You don’t have to do everything crazy in your first semester of college. Take time to make college memories. It’ll be okay. You’ll tire yourself out too quickly if you try to jam everything into one tiny time space.

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