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The Sage Colleges refers to a grouping of three colleges located relatively close to one another, between Troy and Albany, New York. These three colleges are Russell Sage College, Sage College of Albany, and Sage Graduate School. Together, the three colleges function together much like a university. In unison, the Sage Colleges offer women’s liberal arts curriculum, women’s professional education, visual arts, business, legal, computer sciences, and accelerated programs, as well as graduate studies in education, health sciences, and management.

Unfortunately, between the three colleges, there is currently no offering of distance education. Fortunately, as a university-type institution, the Sage Colleges have many resources to work with. It is a reasonable possibility that the colleges will begin offering distance education in the near future. Distance education is growing in popularity among graduate schools the quickest. It would be Sage Graduate School that features distance learning first and will most likely kick off by featuring a distance master’s program.

To get a feel for the general operation of the colleges, one must first know that Russell Sage College offers baccalaureate programs for women only, and Sage College of Albany offers the same, except coeducationally. Sage Graduate School is not concerned with gender. Secondly, any given student can earn whichever degree they desire, barring associate degrees. This means that, for a staggering array of majors, one can earn a Master of Science,  a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Doctor of Philosophy, a Doctor of Education, etc. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Adding to this is the flexibility that arises from three colleges flying under one flag. It is not uncommon to see a student combining coursework from two campuses, or to see a teaching student teaching a class at one of the colleges. Each college working with one another provides a smart, diverse framework that works out to a mutual benefit, and this means more benefits for all students.

Education at the Sage Colleges is that of a carefully crafted, premium experience and this is reflected in tuition rates. Rates vary between colleges and a typical full-time education for an undergraduate will cost $25,750 per year at Russell Sage College. At Sage College of Albany, a full-time undergraduate education will cost $18,500; that rate drops to $10,080 for graduate students. The tuition rates at Sage Graduate School vary between programs, but a typical credit hour purchased from the school will cost between $620 and $790.

Financial aid is plentiful at among the Sage Colleges and has come from state sources, federal sources, local, and external sources to almost any student that enrolls.  The Sage Colleges participate in the William D. Ford Direct Loan program, which allows students to take out federally insured, low interest loans from the U.S. Department of Education.  There are also plenty of state and federal options, like FAFSA and need-based grants from the state of New York.

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