The Short Life Span of College Life

Whether we would like to believe we would be spending the rest of our lives up til four in the morning, the logic of that is simply nonexistent. We would like to believe that fun lasts forever, and that although right now, we may be going to school, working, and doing other things as well – that the fun will live on. Perhaps even without the stress. In spite of the way I’m crushing your dreams right now, there is a purpose behind it. Here are some things that you’ll never do again after college. Hopefully you’ll simply appreciate college more as a result of reading this post.

Life can't be trippy forever. (photo by mardi grass 2011)

Life can’t be trippy forever. (photo by mardi grass 2011)

#1. Nap During the Day

You’ll be too busy working a nine to five job to do that. Oh man, I will definitely not take naps for granted. Naps got me through high school… and now college, too!

#2. Going to the Gym Whenever

Again, this is a timing issue. Basically, when you’re older, you’re not going to want to go to the gym at two in the morning. Right now it is completely acceptable, if not encouraged!

#3. Pull an All Nighter

Honestly, this one may be for the rest of you, but never in my life have I ever pulled an all nighter. I’ve tried. I pass out around six am. Which defeats the purpose of an all-nighter, and also sets off my sleep schedule for the rest of the week.

#4. Spring and Summer Break

…That is, unless you’re a teacher. Then you get to have just as much fun as we do! I can’t even begin to say the amount of pictures of drunken teachers I’ve seen after leaving high school.

#5. Sport College Apparel

It’s just like when you graduate high school. If you wear a shirt from your high school, I’m going to silently judge you. The past is the past and it should stay there! Likewise, the only time it is acceptable to consistently wear college apparel is *gasp* – while you’re in college.

#6. Go Places in Your Pajamas

This past Thursday, I went to class in my pajamas. Why? Because I sort of forgot that I needed to go to the store to buy my own scantrons for the class – and ran out of time. And yes, I was fifteen minutes late to class. And I showed up unshowered, in my pajama shorts and a big t-shirt, and I felt like the dirty college kid that I am.

But once you’re out of college, going places in your pajamas is not going to be as cute. It’s not even cute when I did it.

#7. Watch Daytime Television

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your Jerry Springer and Maury time. I know, I know. It’s a sad day.

#8. Asking People for Money

When you’re out of college, asking people to help out with gas is not going to be cute. When you’re out of college, asking your parents for money isn’t going to be cute. If you don’t get the picture, I don’t know what else to tell you.

But the point is, you can’t do it anymore.

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