The Skool Rocks: A Review

This “skool” is more so about the workforce than any other education. Their alt text allows me to read, “We teach individuals and corporations how to work 21st Century Style!” Their phrase on their website is the first thing you see, and it says, “Learn how to get a job or start and run a business in the 21st century!” Essentially, they are an education company who teaches the standard systems for managing user experience and technology in team formats. They are a personal education company – considering they teach through live classes, free webinars, tool kits, and workshops – all of which, minus webinars – is through personal, tangible means.

Move out books! It's time a more personal method came into the picture. (photo by _nickd)

Move out the way, books! It’s time a more personal method came into the picture. (photo by _nickd)

From helping one find jobs, such as Filter hiring a Digital Product Manager, to posting archive episodes for all to see at any given time, to formal events and an entirely updated blog, The Skool Rocks truly does give every 21st century method of finding and teaching how to get a job or start and run a business.

Not to mention that their website is aesthetically pleasing and easy to adapt to for everyone, including those with disabilities. They even say that they are ADD friendly. Considering one of the skills that are specifically talked of in testimonials is web design, and I personally have a background in Web Design in and outside of Adobe Dreamweaver, I am aware that they truly know what they are talking about to add something that, normally, no one would think to put. In user adaptability, the optimal ease for the user is a level where even the disabled can use the programs.

There are some testimonies from average people that you should hear:

  • Before coming to The Skool, a lot of what I did was intuitive. Some of the tools that I learned here, help me put together a package that I know I can deliver consistent results to the clients.”

Ben Thompson of Studiofluid

  • “I came into The Skool really not know anything about Web Design. I realized how much I didn’t know. And I would have never known where to start.”

    Mike Simms, an Entrepreneur

  • “Attending The Skool was definitely one of the best decisions. After watching This Week in Web Design, I wanted to get more information and most of all meet Jose. It’s what inspired me and gave me the confidence to venture out on my own.”

    Sherryl Anderson of Night Owl Bay

This is seemingly a fairly new company, from the observation that the copyright is 2013-2014. And from the looks of it, this company is not going away for a long while. Whatever methodologies they are using is working. Although the website says nothing of this “Jose,” who I’m sure is the mastermind behind such a lively website, it is apparent to me that the people who have invested time into The Skool find no reason to oppose the company or the way they have learned.

Interested in The Skool Rocks? The price list is as follows, from Basic, Pro, to Six Months Pro: 35/mo, 75/mo, or 349/6 months. Sign up here at this link!

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