The Study Essentials

Regardless of who you are or what you’re studying for – there are certain things everyone should have when they’re in one of their all-night study sessions, or frankly, study sessions in general. This is specifically for midterm studying, but can apply to any other study session too! Don’t be alarmed.

You probably need those too. (photo by lethaargic)

You probably need those too. (photo by lethaargic)

Here are the things you will want to have to get the most out of your study session.

#1. Laptop

If you can get past the distraction and the chaos that comes with having an internet connection, then one of the things you will want around will be your Laptop. Or desktop. Depending on where you are studying.

#2. Headphones or Earplugs

Depending on where you are, headphones or earphones could be a lifesaver. Whether or not your roommate is trying to hook up in the room that you two share – or if the people next door are having a crazy party, life happens. And sometimes life doesn’t care if you have to study for your accounting midterm. in the morning.

#3. Pens and Highlighters

Sure you have your laptop to take notes on. And sure, you may love using Microsoft Word to take your notes. But at the end of the day, writing things down will help your memory. It’s why we write down when we have doctor’s appointments on our calendars. So if you are like me, and you carry notebooks to class instead of various electronics – you’ll do just fine when you’re taking notes to study. And don’t forget to highlight the things you really need to know.

#4. Chargers

To avoid that ghastly and depressing travel to your dorm room for the charger (since your laptop just died, and you still have six more pages to write to finish that paper.) Just be safe, and if you’re using laptops or even your phone through out your whole study fiasco – bring a charger.

#5. Snacks

Last but not least, one of the most distracting things at four in the morning could be your tummy growling. Now – I know that sometimes the easiest thing to go for is the pizza and the cookies – but think about it: all of that sugar and “bad carbohydrates” are going to drain you and make you even sleepier. To avoid that, try eating healthy things and generally things labeled under the “good carbohydrates” category. Try apples and peanut butter.

#6. Gum or Mints

They say that having either one of those things will help you, considering chewing gum can help aid in memory and concentration, and eating mints, as according to Cornell university,  “…Has been shown to raise heart rate and increase brainwave activity.”

#7. Water

Even though you’re not doing lunges in the middle of the library, it’s a good idea to keep hydrated while you are studying. Drinking water will keep you focused and help you to down the apples and peanut butter that I had mentioned previously.


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