The Three Biggest Reasons People Don’t Go Back to School

Money, or “I can’t afford it”College is expensive, no matter where you go. That’s just a fact of life. Knowing this fact keeps many people from even considering going to school on line to get a degree or professional certification. Some of these people might be interested in furthering their education, and most others are aware that having a degree or specialized education might help their careers. And yet, the obstacle of tuition, books, and fees might keep them from ever even looking into distance learning.

Think you don't have time for school? Think again! Photo by Alan Cleaver

Think you don’t have time for school? Think again! Photo by Alan Cleaver

The truth is, even though college costs are high, there are a lot of ways to get money to pay for it. Federal loans are one way, and perhaps the easiest way, to secure financing. But there are also scholarships and grants available, either from local or national organizations or from the educational institutions themselves. There are also work study programs. Many on line universities will set up payment plans for a student on a budget.

And there is also the option of taking just a class or two, when it is possible to pay for it. Many people have bettered their lives and careers by taking night classes at a local community college or learning center. It’s possible to do the exact same thing from home. So don’t let money intimidate you into digging deeper to see what the options really are.

Time aka “My life is too busy for school” — This is the biggest cop-out excuse for not doing school. Even if you can’t go to school full time, its always possible to find time for a single class. The convenience of distance learning is its biggest selling point: you can literally adapt the class or classes around whatever your schedule is. Besides, if you look at your schedule hard, and count up how many hours you spend watching TV or sunbathing or whatever, I bet you could find a few hours a week for your education.

Motivation aka “I just don’t want to” – Without the intrinsic motivation to go get that degree, it’s impossible. It’s that simple. But there is a simple answer. Are you one of those people that thinks they would like to have the degree, they just don’t want to put out all the effort it takes to earn it? Hey, that’s okay, I’m not judging. That was me for ten years. But then I found the motivation.

And that is the simple answer – no matter who you are or how deep your apathy toward school is, there is a very good reason to go back to school and get a degree. That reason is different for everyone, but we all have a reason. For me, it was having kids, and wanting to be able to earn more to provide for them. Perhaps your motivation is family. Perhaps you are buried in debt and need a way to earn more. Maybe you are just stifled at your job and desperately yearn for a way to advance. Maybe you are sick of being unemployed.

Find your reason, get that small spark of enthusiasm, and then ride it into a better education.

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