The Top 3 Worst Ways to Dress for a Professional Environment

It occurred to me, as I was watching Jeannie Mai’s How Do I Look, I realized that people actually don’t understand what is appropriate attire for interviews, much less meeting their sister’s in-laws. And why? It can be a multitude of things – ranging from pride to insecurity. Really, it is never that the people do not know how to take care of themselves – but something on their insides tells them to hold back. Little do they know that sometimes, that first impression can mean the world and they are blissfully destroying what could be a great view into the future. So here are the top ten worst ways to dress for a professional environment – from the office to an interview.

There truly is unspoken proper attires. (photo by Joe Shlabotnik)

There truly is unspoken proper attires. (photo by Joe Shlabotnik)

#1. Fishnet Tights

No, really. This is what the woman on the episode in question was wearing to an interview. She then proceeded to be put in front of a group of casting members, who said they loved her personality but could not get past her appearance. I know I tend to joke about if a piece of clothing is questionable, then you should wear it to the club – but that is not even what you should do with this item. It screams, “street walker.” Don’t do it. Please. It’s not about dislike of the clothing choice, it’s about dislike of the implications when you dress that way.

#2. Cyber-goth Apparel

If you don’t know what Cyber Goth is, it’s basically a subculture of goth that involves platform boots, neon rings in your hair (you’re going to have to look it up because I can’t even explain it,) and is reminiscent of a mix between a rave and the dark, because it’s much less colorful than a rave but more colorful than the dark. Anyway, in another episode, a woman was wearing cyber-goth apparel in her job, which was nursing, which would scare patients. You know something needs to change if you’re scaring people in a hospital.

#3. Clothes that don’t fit you well

Yeah, you’re right. This should be number one. Everything else is subjective in some sort. Whatever clothes you wear, you will look best in if you wear stuff that actually fits you. It’s lesson number one. You can tell if pants don’t fit you, for example, because around your crotch area, there will be folds in the fabric. You can tell what will fit your body well just by learning about yourself – and doing a little research online. Whether you are a pear, apple, an hourglass, or perhaps a rectangle – you can find a way to look the best you can look.

And with all of that being said, to some of you, this information may seem like common sense. The thing is, other people may not feel the same way you do. They may not have a background knowledge of what is appropriate. Some people may want a rule book of what they can and can’t do. And that is why Distance Learning tries it’s best to accommodate and help them in this way.

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