The Up Side of Home Schooling, Part Two

This is part two of our homeschooling benefits series. Here are a few more of the benefits to home schooling a child.

Home schooling in action, photo by whgrad

Less Peer Pressure – No matter where a person goes, or how old they get, peer pressure will always exist in one form or another. But the peer pressure put upon children is a powerful force, and when it is exerted at such a young age it can lead them to make poor decisions, get them into trouble academically (or otherwise) and potentially lead them down a bad path. The home school environment mitigates that considerably, although to be clear, it does NOT eliminate peer pressure. The only way to completely eliminate peer pressure is to make sure the child has no peers, which is a sad way to live. But home school puts more of the power back with the parent. It will be a lot harder for a child to be exposed to underage smoking, drinking, or drug use, and will keep them from learning “adult” things from their schoolmates (because some parents have different ideas of what is appropriate, and some children learn about and talk about sex at a much younger age than other parents do)

Bullies Bullies have always existed, and always will. Computers and social media have given rise to a new breed of cyberbullies, but that doesn’t mean old-fashioned bullying has decreased. In fact, the cyber-bullying is almost always rooted in reality, and in most cases, in school. Taunts, threats, cruel pranks, and the like are often made on-line, but backed up in the real world. The recent tragic example of the young woman who took her own life illustrates this – she was bullied on the computer, but much more viciously attacked and reviled in her school. Had she been pulled from school, the insults of her schoolmates would have had no grounding to affect her life so deeply.

To home school a child is to keep the bullies at bay, to give them a safe haven where they won’t be mocked or ridiculed for how they look or talk. They won’t be pressured to wear certain shoes or “cool” clothes to fit in. They won’t be pushed around on the playground, or have their lunch money taken away from them. These are all very good things.

No School Lunch – If a child has food allergies, the mere thought of a school lunch can be terrifying. An accidental exposure to a classmates peanut butter and jelly sandwich could lead to a hospital trip. There is also the health factor: does a parent want their child eating corn dogs, burgers, and pizza every day, and just throwing the fruit and veggies in the trash? Eating lunch at home every day can ensure that the child is eating well.

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