The Vitals for Finals Week

Finals week is killer to say the least. Thankfully, there are three things that you can do to improve your body’s functionality during this stressful time of year. They are as follows: sleep, exercise, and diet.

Studying for finals also includes hanging out with some guy in a mascot costume. (photo by college.library)

Studying for finals also includes hanging out with some guy in a mascot costume. (photo by college.library)

#1. Sleep

Without adequate sleep, your brain will not function as well as it needs to to perform at it’s best. If you’re like me, you’ll be addle-brained, which basically means stupid and confused. You don’t want to be stupid and confused during a final exam. It’s okay to nap – a good fifteen to thirty minutes of sleep will be enough to recharge your brain to refocus. And just think – that’s not much different than the time you would spend online, procrastinating, anyway. Do something productive for yourself – sleep.

Also – even though I do recommend napping, you still will want to maintain a regular sleep schedule. Your body won’t be thrown off, and you’ll feel well rested for all of the exams that you’re about to take this week.

#2. Exercise

There’s no doubt that finals week gives you stress. I’m already feeling not-so-swell physically. But I do understand that exercising will actually help me out; exercise will allow for stress relief as well as help to defend my body against sickness. Now, that doesn’t mean that you’ll want to exercise – especially if you already feel like barfing – but if you know this information before your exams, you can maintain a regular exercise schedule.

#3. Diet

In the same manner, you should also keep a clean eating diet. Which mainly consists of things that your body will love and use for optimal nutrition, like fruits and veggies. It’s brain food. You won’t feel sluggish and gross afterward. Also, avoid greasy, fast foods. Especially a couple hours before bedtime. Because then (refer back to #1) you’ll probably wake up with nightmares. I know sometimes the food I eat will give me very odd dreams, if not scary ones.

This semester, the only final exam I’m scared or worried about is my Chemistry exam. It is the sole reason that I am doing any of these things (besides maintaining regular exercise and diet, which you should be doing anyway!) – I need to get a good grade on the exam to pass the class with more than a C.

I know that these are “Vitals for Finals Week,” but believe it or not – they are vitals for everyday. Without some kind of order, you’ll probably perform not-so-well the entire semester, and then you’ll be like me and freak out on the exam week because you have to make up for some poor grades that you got (most likely because you spent every Thursday night up until four in the morning when your class was at eight.)

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