Things About Education That You Didn’t Already Know

In the education system as we know it, we see that there are many successes and flaws. Perhaps a few subjects even borderline both spectrums, considering that prospects such as the No Child Left Behind act both was built upon good intentions but ultimately suppresses all youths in their education. Regardless, we never see the full picture. Of course, no one really can – as there is no one mastermind behind what is the United States’ education system. However, this is my attempt to enlighten you on things about education, both past and present, that you didn’t already know.

Not every person is meant to be a college graduate (Photo courtesy of HBCUUncensored on flickr).

#1. The basis of education was not for general education or for occupational leverage, but rather a learning place for young men to become priests and religious clergymen. 

#2. Although times have changed, in the 1920s a group of Harvard students were accused of lewd homosexual acts – resulting in expulsion, two suicides, and ruined reputations of the other students involved. Didn’t look too good for Harvard either.

#3. Grade inflation (esp. curving) has it’s roots in the age of the Vietnam war. Why? Well, men would use college as a means to stay out of the war – and their professors would feel awful for giving them bad grades (which would give adequate reason to be in the draft) – so students who earned As and Bs actually increased to a steady ninety-two percent.

#4. Not everyone is meant to have higher education. College wasn’t built for everyone. And frankly, what college does now is serve as a means to earn more money in a career. Not everyone is meant to have more money – or be on top. In fact, that is extremely unhealthy for the economy to have everyone flourish. It’s just a fact of life – some people aren’t meant to come out on top.

#5. You are disposable. You would think having the piece of paper that states that you are certified in a certain subject matter would be enough to stop you from being disposed of? Well, unfortunately that is not the case. With the millions of people in the US today, and the amount of people who could do your job – it is important to understand that you are dispensable. Frankly, it’s just more incentive to work harder than you’ve ever worked.

#6. Dr. Seuss was a partier. Well, this one doesn’t really fit into the subject matter but I thought it was too hilarious not to include. According to brobible, Dr. Seuss used to write for a college humor magazine – but got fired for writing while under the influence. So we speculate that he continued getting drunk to write our beloved children’s tales that really, no sober person could have done themselves.

So there you go! A little more enlightenment into the roots of education – and of course it’s just as messed up as any of the stuff you hear about education now. Stay tuned for my next post, which is part two on “Things About Education That You Didn’t Already Know.”

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