Things That Are Banned From Campus

Sometimes, things get banned at school with good reasons. Like weaponry. Or maybe even yoga pants, like I’ve talked about in this article. But other times, things get banned at school that don’t really have good reasonings. It’s odd. It’s a lot like weird laws – like the laws that say that we can’t have sexual relations with a porcupine (I wonder what happened that that law had to be put into place…) Nonetheless, here are some things that have been banned by school systems around the world – and are quite peculiar.

Cause this turns us all into sexual tigers. (photo by Tela Chhe)

Cause this turns us all into sexual tigers. (photo by Tela Chhe)

#1. Holding Hands

In Tennessee, hand holding is considered a gateway sexual activity. Even teachers could not hold hands with another adult on campus for fear of termination. How ridiculous! Never once have I been holding hands with a guy and have felt the urge to try anything else as a result! Hand holding is sweet and innocent, in my opinion.

#2. Red Ink

This is just ridiculous. When I was younger, we were told to always have a red ink pen on us so we could correct our assignments. Apparently, at schools in Australia and the UK, red ink is banned because of its confrontational connotation. As someone who studied graphic design as a teenager, although red does symbolize a lot of negative feelings like aggression and immorality, red also signifies love, power, and enthusiasm.

#3. Bake Sales

This one was eventually overturned, but at one point in time, a school in Massachusetts tried to ban bake sales because of their lack of nutrition. And all of the cupcakes cried that day.

#4. Best Friends

Nope! You can’t have a best friend anymore. Why? Because it may hurt the other kid’s feelings. What kind of society do we live in, that we want to shelter our children so much that they can’t differentiate who is close to one another. A few UK schools are taking part in this best friend ban, and it’s kind of horrifying. What do you do if you and someone else in the class are acting too buddy-buddy? Do you get expelled?

#5. Words That Illicit Unpleasant Emotions

Again with the sheltering. For some reason, some schools have banned using words like “dinosaurs,” “poverty,” “Halloween,” and “dancing,” which apparently may hurt some kid’s feelings or bring them back to a sad memory. News flash – you have to use the word poverty when you’re talking about history – whether it be in regards to a Depression or perhaps a Third World country. Another news flash – any word can illicit an unpleasant emotion or memory in a child. Why do these words get picked out as the bad ones?

It’s a sad sad day when these things are banned from schools across the globe. Some of them just don’t make any sense. Food for thought: If a student only has good memories and happy emotions, they will never appreciate them. They will never truly understand happiness or joy.

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