Things To Do This Summer

Sometimes plans just don’t work out in the Summer – but you may be bored out of your mind, sitting in front of the television, doing absolutely nothing – with the desire for that to change. And if that is the case – then here are things you can do for those situations where your plans did not work out how they were intended to.

Don't spend your days like this. (photo by wikimedia commons)

Don’t spend your days like this. (photo by wikimedia commons)

1. If it’s raining, take old chalk from your childhood and draw during the downpour. The colors immediately become more vivid and they melt before your eyes. It’s a pretty cool situation, if you’re okay with wasting your old chalk. But in reality, what were you going to use it for anyway?

2. Maybe you’ve seen this picture strewn about tumblr among other social media sites – it’s the idea of throwing glow sticks in the bottom of a pool and swimming around in the neon lights. Such a cool idea, if you have glow sticks from Halloween or something! Just make sure to not do it if you don’t want to bring attention to the fact that you’re swimming at night!

3. Redo your room – because there’s nothing like some killer feng shui to give you a whole new vibe. Summer is always a time to re-organize your life. What better place to start than your room?

4. And while you’re at it – donate your old clothes that you don’t want/don’t fit anymore! Even though the new year doesn’t start til January, the new school year starts now – and it’s the perfect time to change it up! You get bonus points for helping out someone else who is less fortunate to have new school clothes.

5. Create your own recipes – the perfect thing to do if you’re bored and you have extra ingredients lying around. Maybe you’ll just make healthy ones for the upcoming school year!

6. Or for you tea junkies out there, pick some ingredients and make your own herbal tea! It turns out, it’s fairly easy! Here’s instructions on how to do so here.

7. Take a class (but not an educational one – more like an exercise class!) You might just fall in love with the work outs that you’re doing!

8. Study something you’ve never studied before. Whether it be an artsy hobby like crochet, or perhaps learning how to write calligraphy, there’s a way to make your Summer not wasted on television and mindless things that hold no substance in your life.

9. Deep clean. You may just earn some brownie points with your parents. Yes, this is a lot like number three, but pertains to them more than you!

10. Find a job. Your parents probably aren’t too fond of the fact that you’re using all of their money to do whatever you do. If you live in a place with a lot of stores near by, they’re the perfect place to start!

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