Things To Do While Waiting For AP Scores

I personally believe the worst part about Advanced Placement courses is not the coursework ¬†or the actual exam, but the aftermath: the waiting for your score. It’s the word of affirmation you need to feel at peace about what you worked so hard for all year – and they justly make you wait for them until about, say, the middle of July. So what are you to do while you’re waiting another three to four weeks for them to be released (which has been recently changed to being only available online – no paper scores will be sent this year!)? Well, that’s why this article was written. Here’s a good ten things to do while waiting for AP scores.

#1. Spend time with your friends. (It’s Summer, after all)
#2. Get excited for other things. (There’s a bunch of concerts, such as Warped Tour, and movie releases, such as Man of Steel, among other things that are released or shown only in the Summertime)
#3. Work on that beach body. (It’ll help with your anxiety, and give you something else to focus on. Besides, a brain will never function as well as it will when you complement it with exercise and nutrition!)
#4. Go to the beach with said beach bod. (If you can go at night, try to, but not alone! Everywhere is funner at night!)

Summer: a time to forget everything you learned in school. (photo by Moyan_Brenn)

Summer: a time to forget everything you learned in school. (photo by Moyan_Brenn)

#5. Get a hobby. (If you care that much about your AP scores to even read this article, you’re probably going to need to learn to chill. Find something you love and hone your craft.)
#6. Get a job. (If there’s anything that can take your mind off of something, it’s going to be work. Unless your work is mindless, such as lifting heavy things and you’re used to that routine, you’ll be able to get your mind off of AP scores, and earn some money to do things that will also take your mind off of it!)
#7. Sleep. (Chances are you barely got any during the school year. Though you can’t make up for lost time, you can get a head start on sleeping. Break the habit of getting only four hours of sleep each night – that was so unhealthy for you anyway!)
#8. Clean your room. (You’re a teenager, so it’s probably disgusting, if we’re being honest with ourselves.)
#9. Spend time with your family. (They miss you, because all school year you’ve been in your rat’s nest of a room.)
#10. Go on a date. (Why not? It’s always nice to spend time with people you think are cool, who also think that you are cool.)
#11. Stop reading this article and do one of the top ten. Come on, it’s just AP scores. Yeah, I understand that you can save a lot of money and you want to ensure that you have those college credits, but really – it’s not that serious. It’s not serious enough to kill your Summer because school is alive in your head.

Now – with that being said! Go! Run free! The world is yours until you have to get into the “real world!”

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