Things You Have to Do in College

When you’re in college, a cornucopia of opportunities are presented to you. You can grow in ways that you had never imagined before – and it’s all because you’ve been exposed to the opportunity through your age group and your lifestyle of sleepless nights and coffee-fueled mornings. Here’s a list of things you have to do before you graduate – just because!

Tip: Crash all of the parties. (photo by Randi Duero)

Tip: Crash all of the parties. (photo by Randi Duero)

#1. Write an article for the campus’ newsletter, newspaper, or website – if the opportunity becomes available. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to pursue a degree in Writing.

#2. Strip and streak. Reminiscent of the Naked Mile, you have a better chance of getting away with it at a campus – through the library or a classroom – than you do at a televised sports event.

#3. Explore! Just because you’re confined to a campus doesn’t mean you’re stuck there for the next four years. Some day when you have free time or really want to justify skipping a class that you hate, go off campus and explore the environment around you!

#4. Crash a party. Alone. The idea of going to a party alone makes me feel weird inside. Maybe it’s because it will showcase my socially awkward personality, but even still – you should do it in college. Make a friend. Take a risk. Just don’t lose all inhibition with strangers, ie. drink responsibly.

#5. Abuse all the perks and discounts of having a Student ID. Yes, yes, yes. You can get so much free stuff. You can have lowered prices for many, many things. Heck, there’s even websites dedicated to it!

#6. Sit in on a class just because you’re interested in it. If there was a better way to decide if you want to take a course with a certain professor, it’s this way. Just make sure the class is big enough that you won’t be noticed.

#7. Protest stuff. Some kids did it and caused a real outbreak of rioting between police and civilians in lieu of the Vietnam war. Although getting shot isn’t the best example to promote doing something in college, fighting for what you believe in might just be the thing you need to get the rest of your angst out.

#8. Dance on a table. Drinking helps. But even still, it’s gotta be an enjoyable experience. I mean, I assume it’s essentially the same experience for a cat to be sitting on a tall piece of furniture. Makes ’em feel like a king.

#9. Pull an all-nighter. Although extremely bad for you, and you might not have a choice for this one – if you are blessed enough to have the choice to never pull an all-nighter, pull one anyway! See how the other half lives.

#10. Make mistakes. Some say it’s the best way to learn.

Of course there’s more. If you want a bigger list, Business Insider has an article on the “33 Things You Have To Do In College.”

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