Things You May Not Have Noticed in High School

I remember being an impressionable youngster and watching shows on television that depicted the high school life. Oh, the fancy decorated lockers and the endless time spent in passing classes instead of actually being in the class. There are so many misnomers to choose from! Education-wise, here are some things you may not have noticed while you were in high school.

Enjoy high school for all the things that won’t matter in five years, too! (photo by Parker Knight)

1. Child Prodigies Are Forgotten

Have you noticed today’s children’s television shows are mainly about the one percent that “make it” in life? Spotlighting the one percent that become famous or lead what society would call a “successful life” can give our students the idea that if they do not have a particularly flashy talent, they will be forgotten. There is a bit of a fib to that, though. Although they are considered a prodigy in their childhood, what happens to them when they are adults? They are pushed to the shadows of the spotlight. This is why schools emphasize academics as well as talent. Academics will get you far along more so than prodigal talents will.

2. Textbooks are Not Necessarily Correct

Your textbook, was in fact, written by a human. Shocking, right? Students take everything their textbooks say as fully correct and very well may be misleading themselves into wrong answers on a test. Humans make mistakes and it is possible, but hard, to abstain from personal biases. Your textbooks may be full of bias and you may not even be aware that you are investing into every single word.

3. “Senioritis” Can Take Over

Bam! It’s your Senior year and you just got accepted to your dream college or perhaps any college. You’re set on where you’re going to be the next four years. All of a sudden, you get lazy and you can’t bring yourself to do this “stupid work” anymore. Senioritis can and will creep up fast on you if you are not prepared. Instead of becoming lazy, perhaps look into using it as a goal to work even harder during your second semester. Before you know it, you can fail a couple classes and your college you got into could send you a second-thought rejection letter. Not fun. Also, if your GPA isn’t exactly the highest, you might have trouble graduating. The best thing to do is to always work, despite our lazy dispositions.

4. It Really Does Go By Fast

I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve graduated. For those who are in the slums of high school life, you may think every single day is a drag and that it could last forever. The truth is: it doesn’t. Most things in high school, though some do not matter, you will miss because one second, you were a timid freshman walking into the halls nervously as you tried to find your first period class, the next you were walking the line at graduation to receive your high school diploma. Be joyful through the experience.

High school prepares you for bigger and better things. Even if you are the lowest of your class or a child prodigy, high school can set you up academically for your make-or-break futures. Noticing high school means appreciating it, regardless of circumstances.

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