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Sometimes I sit and think to myself, most particularly when I hear lyrics that are so obscure that it can only truly make sense to the writer, “I wish my mouth was more profound.” I wish that when I wrote words down that they came out so elusively perfect. But it doesn’t, and then I think to myself how I wish I was more creative. Although we are taught as children to suppress our creativity in place of logistics, there are ways to break the barriers in adulthood. Here’s some ways to think creatively and some of the best ways to do it as well.

You can grow to learn creativity, just as anything else - with practice. (photo by gw225)

You can grow to learn creativity, just as anything else – with practice. (photo by gw225)

#1. Relax

Creativity doesn’t come when you’re stressed about how creative you are. If you’re stressed, you’re probably doing a disservice to yourself. The times that I am the most creative and innovative, it is when I’m not thinking of it at all. It’s when I’m in the car and it’s when I’m in the grocery store. The best thing to do in that situation is quickly jot down your ideas, whether it be in your phone or on a piece of paper in your wallet.

#2. Know When It’s Time For Creativity

The best time to be creative and to create, in my personal life, is past midnight. For some reason it is the time that I am the most productive and the most willing to throw in my best efforts. Let’s face it, everything is better past midnight. I understand that my potential is multiplied by ten when it’s this time. My brain works the best. My hands work the best. I’m able to create more effectively.

#3. Go Some Place That Inspires You

How are you supposed to think creatively when you’re in the middle of a loud, upsetting place like the mall or the movies? It’s not very inspirational, and although you can be creative in an environment like your car or the grocery store, it’s not very effective. If you’re intentionally trying to get creative, you’re going to want to go to a place that inspires you – whether that be the beach, a lake, a local park, or even your backyard. Go to your sanctuary and just be inspired.

#4. Try Zoning in On One Sense at a Time

When you close your eyes and just listen, you hear better. When you plug your ears but see, you see better. Basically, one practical way to be inspired is to zone in on one of your senses. Let yourself be motivated by that thing.

With that being said, creativity is not something that can be thought up. You can’t sit here and think, I want to be profound and creative, and it magically occur as if your very thoughts would manifest themselves into reality. It just doesn’t happen. Some people are more creative than others, and that’s okay. However, we can practice thinking in creative manners to grow in our theoretical “right side” brain.

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