“Those Who Can’t Do, Teach”

Isn’t this quote a bit demeaning to both teachers and students? It says much about the quality of education we receive as students – as well as condescends those who spend their days in front of a white or black board. For some reason, education is viewed as one of the easiest majors to complete – by having one of the highest cumulative GPAs, for one.

Teaching is leading. (photo by US Department of Education)

Teaching is leading. (photo by US Department of Education)

It’s simply not that way: some of us are predestined to teach. We have the blood in our veins. We can be great at a profession, and be even better as a teacher of that subject. We can share the knowledge we have with the world. Now, I realize that not all teachers are this way – but it’s not that they are not good at their prior professions.

Notice how professors are treated quite differently with respect levels than teachers. It’s very odd and makes no sense to me – but I suppose that’s what happens when your degree is in education instead of a respective field.

A commentator on Teacher Chatboard posted this:

Someone said to me last night, “Those Who Can, Do; Those Who Can’t, Teach.” I was at a loss for words! How would you respond to that incredibly rude comment?

And the responses are killer, on Collective Wisdom:

  • Posted by Joe
    And those who can do neither spout clichés.
  • Posted by anon
    Jump in their face and scream…”YO MAMMA” gets ’em every time.
  • Posted by nfm “Those who CAN, teach, even teach A*S*S*E*S like YOU!”
  • Posted by anon ” Then why aren’t you in the field?”

But on a more serious note, it is a very offensive statement. It makes no sense either way. If you do not believe in the capability of teachers to give your child a proper education, then you should teach your kids yourself. Which means that you have become “those who can’t.” And if you just sit by, if you honestly believe that your teachers are incapable of giving someone a proper education – then what does that say about how much you care about education?

With that being said, it also means you care less about the welfare of the country or its people – since education is so closely linked with poverty.

So go on, you heartless soul. Use a quote you don’t truly understand and make a fool of yourself.

In any case, I’m glad that many teachers can turn a situation like this into something funny. Because I know that it would hurt me if someone could say something so rude to me – as if I was a teacher, it’d be my pride and joy and many times, a reason to smile.

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