Three Sites Every Student should have Bookmarked

No matter what stage of education you are in, from middle school through post graduate college work, a computer is going to be an integral part of your schooling. From fact checking to researching papers and science projects, to keeping in touch with the teacher and fellow students, a computer is becoming more important than almost any other tool in a student’s educational life.

Named after the famous printer, the Gutenberg Project provides classic books for download, photo by amy allcock

Named after the famous printer, the Gutenberg Project provides classic books for download, photo by amy allcock

Are you a student? Then these are some of the pages that you simply MUST keep book marked. These are the sites that can genuinely help you, and don’t charge money to do so.

Scholarships .com – There are hundreds of web sites that claim to provide information about scholarship opporunties. And I am estimating on the low side with that number. One must be very careful about what sites to trust, and especially what sites to enter your contact information into. This site, however, is legitimate. It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, validated the site verification system TrustE, and tested and approved by McAfee. So with that out of the way, you can relax, enter your information, and let the site’s search engine find a list of appropriate scholarship opporunities for you.

Free Translation – The problem with using the World Wide Web for research is that since it’s global, not every site or reference is going to be in English. This site is an invaluable tool for any student of any level who uses the web for research – you can cut and paste up to eighteen hundred words at a time into the portal, and select which languages to convert it to. Translate French to German, Spanish to English, Chinese to Italian. Or, use another function and drag the URL for any web site to the portal, and it will translate the entire page at once. Insanely helpful, easy, and free. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Project Gutenberg – Required reading, aside from being a great recurring blog here on Distance Learning, is a staple of school from fourth grade through the highest college degrees. There will always be books a student has to read for a course, and a great many classes require the same books year after year. This site seeks to compile as many of these books as possible. Classics of fiction, poetry, and essays, over thirty thousand books in all, are here in electronic versions, and can be downloaded for free. They also have a smaller, buy growing, section of audio books to download. It can possibly save you a few bucks from having to buy the book, and may help get you out of a jam if you lose your book.

Yes, I know, your browser is still a little bare, it needs more educational and reference book marks. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered in the next installment.

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