Time to Fly out of the Nest

The day you have been waiting for is here. The day were you can wear your cap and gown with pride and represent the colors and success of your school. You may have not loved the days you have spent working to this point but they were worth it. Be proud of yourself and realize the accomplishment you made. You have stayed determined and persistent for twelve years of education. You have proven yourself to receive a diploma of merit and success. It is not over yet though. You have finished the building blocks of your educational success.


Look up with pride and follow the dreams you have been wishing to come true. You have the starting knowledge, learn more and pursue.(photo credit Fahim Fadz)

Now it is time to pursue even further and build something new and bright. Build your own world with your own thoughts and abilities. Your whole life you have been itching to get out of the same structure and ideas that elementary school, middle school, and high school brought and now is the time to break into your new skin. Use your mind and become who you want to be. Reach for your highest and most daring goal. No dream is too crazy or impossible. People are only able to succeed when they dare for the most and use their mind and knowledge to the highest ability. Many people wonder so now what when graduation passes. You are not at a loss and there are many roads you can choose to go on from here.

Going to a university is one of the top choices and one of the most recommended. Major in the area of study that you find most fascinating and that you feel most at home with and focus and study it. Learn as much as you can to prepare yourself for a career afterwards. There is no such thing as a wrong or right major. Some are more popular and some may have a better reputation but it is all about what makes you want to wake up every morning and be content with your profession. The years you choose to be in college has to do with the level of a job you wish to be in. Doing a certain amount of years does not necessarily make someone better or worse. It really depends on your goal job.

The military is also a good choice and people who may want to be in more of a action environment may prefer it. You can choose to do military and then college to save money. You can also choose to get a high ranking in the military. You can also choose to do a tech school or a school focused on your type of career.  Life after graduation is not easy and does not have any easy answers. Prepare yourself and reach to the highest you can. You have worked hard and you deserve to do your best possible. Knowledge is limitless, so spread your wings and fly.

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