Tips for College-Bound Students

In all of my life, people have been giving me advice about college prior to my getting there. And honestly, some of them were the best tips that I had ever received. This article is very informational, and although you don’t have to take notes – you may want to bookmark this page, lest you forget!

Meet your new best friend. (photo by krasi)

Meet your new best friend. (photo by krasi)

#1. It will rain on campus.

Whether or not you live in Seattle – it will eventually rain on campus. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to control the weather. Trust me, if there was, it’d be rainy and gloomy everyday. Anyway – you may have to walk through campus in the rain, and you might end up destroying a lot of your books. The solution? In your backpack, carry two large trash bags. When it rains, put all of your important stuff (including electronics) in a trash bag, and then put the remaining trash bag overlapping the other one the opposite direction, so that there is no room for rain to get in your fortress of success.

#2. There are three things that you absolutely need.

These will be your weaponry throughout the college years, so be sure that you have them.

  1. An agenda
    As I have said before, though it may be hard to organize yourself and your school work, among other things – it can be done! I’ve seen people do it! Whether you wish to write your deadlines in a spreadsheet format, or you want to physically write in a planner. you should do it. Either one.
  2. A piggy bank
    It’s probably unbelievable that I believe piggy banks are more useful than savings accounts – but it’s simply because they’re not tied to your lovely, very accessible debit cards. Chances are, you’ll forget about your piggy banks. It’s just loose change after all. However, in about a month, I can actually have up to fifty dollars in change. Take it to a Coin Star or any other loose change place for fast and convenient exchange to cash money, and you’ll be good to go!
  3. Coffee machine
    Okay, maybe it doesn’t have to be a coffee machine – it can be tea, too. It can be anything that makes you wide awake, because you’ll be going without sleep a lot of the time. Maybe it’s a good idea to invest in a tea set as well. Teavana sometimes has killer sales – I just recently purchased a tea set for thirty dollars, at a sixty dollar value!

Really, there’s nothing I can say that can explain to you how to be ready for college. You’ll find new freedoms at first, and then you’ll realize you need to be more serious, and then you’ll spend the rest of your semester trying to get where you should have been from the start. It’s okay – you have never been in a situation like college before, and it takes some getting used to.

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