Tips For College Freshman

If you are a high school senior who is going to college soon or you already are a college freshman, this post will help you to solve your concern or problems about your first year in college. Here are some tips for college freshman:

Face your fear and enjoy your freshman year in college! (Photo by Ohlone College)

Face your fear and enjoy your freshman year in college! (Photo by Ohlone College)

Tip One: Study Abroad

Freshman is a good time to study abroad in college. Many colleges actually encourage their freshmen to study abroad, because they are mostly taking general classes whose location really does not matter. Studying abroad can give you whole another experience from other freshmen. Check this post to see if studying abroad is right for you.

Tip Two: Get InvolvedĀ 

It is important to get involved in college. If you want to have a meaningful and fun freshman year, you should push yourself to do all kinds of activities. Check this post to learn how to get involved in college.

Tip Three: Do Not Be Afraid

Do you have a fear of going to college? If you do, do not worry because it is completely normal. Do not be afraid to meet new people and live in a new environment. Almost every freshman does not know many people, just like you. Have confidence and be friendly. I am sure that you will make some friends who have the same interests like you. For more tips on facing your college freshman fears, check this article.

Tip Four: Know How To Take Care Of Yourself

College freshman year may be your first time to leave your home. That means you do not have your parents taking care of your daily life any more. You should know how to live on your own. Learn ahead of time how to cook, how to do laundry, how to manage time, and so on. It is important that you can handle living on your own. Healthy living habits can help you succeed as a college freshman. Keep a regular daily routine and exercise regularly.

Tip Five: Face Academic Challenge

College may be academically challenging for you. The classes are harder and there is more work to do. Do not be too disappointed if your grade point average is not as god as back in high school. Just try your best and keep working hard. You should also look for help when needed. There should be online material that can help you. There are also tutoring on campus. And don’t be too shy to talk to your professors.

Tip Six: Financial Management

As we all known, college can be expensive. You should treasure the opportunities to get scholarships or financial aids if there are. Also, find a part-time job on or off campus can help. As a college freshman, on-campus jobs should be better than off-campus ones. Go on your college’s website or just simply ask someone to see if there is any jobs available. Taking some classes online saves money, too.

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