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The perfect essay is one that takes consistent practice. In order to improve your skills, no matter how low or high your skills are, you have to maintain a drive to improve. Some teachers use grades as positive reinforcement when you write well. Perhaps one has a career in writing and their schedule at a fixed interval is their own personal positive reinforcement. Regardless of your reasoning, essay writing is essential for education. Below are tips compiled to help one grow in their writing skills.

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Tip One: Read More

The more exposure you get to literature, the better your writing skills will be. If you are reading literature, you will begin to notice patterns in grammar and poetry, even prose. You will start to emulate what you are reading. For example, children who text without grammar are more likely to write that way in essays without second thought. Slang is becoming more and more popular and do not help with literacy nor preparing one for practical writing.

Tip Two: Do Not Limit Yourself

People have a tendency to make paragraphs based upon subject matter. This is not necessarily bad, but it limits potential writing. You have more leeway if you write based on ideas and generalizations rather than specific ideas, such as juxtaposition and metaphors. Writing a solid essay does not mean using a format such as the one that schools give us. This means that you don’t necessarily have to stop at two or three body paragraphs. Use as many as you need to get your ideas across.

Tip Three: Read Other’s Work

As according to┬áReed, you learn better from your peers than your teachers. Perhaps this is due to the different respect levels you have for your peers and your teachers. Regardless, if you are able to read a writer’s papers who has significantly more skill than you, look at how they resonate in their writing. Look closely at how they answer the questions at hand and how they give the teacher or professor what they asked for. Although you should avoid plagiarism at all costs, learning their styles and execution can prove to help you greatly.

Tip Four: Plan Accordingly

Planning a first draft does not mean editing it during. It means brainstorming and it means writing down all thoughts you have on the subject matter. Along with tip two, you do not want to limit yourself by means of bubble mapping your planning! You need data and commentary to write a good essay, and there is just not enough room when you limit yourself with the branch of bubbles! Instead, using a outline is a better option. A good essay will have a plan, because without, your thoughts will overlap and you will have trouble organizing in an efficient amount of time.

In essay writing, the best thing to do is to keep writing. Don’t give up or feel inadequate if you don’t get the scores you wish for. Talk one on one with your teacher or professor about how you can improve; they will be more than happy to tell you what you are lacking or perhaps doing too much.





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