Tips For High School Juniors

Some people say junior year is the busiest year of the entire high school experience. Junior year is surely an important year. If you are a high school junior, here are some tips for you to have a great junior year.

Make the most out of your junior year! (Photo by Fox Cities Book Festival)

Make the most out of your junior year! (Photo by Fox Cities Book Festival)

Tip One: Challenge Yourself

Junior year is the best year to improve your grade point average and class rank, because there are more hard courses offered to juniors than to freshmen and sophomores. You should challenge yourself by taking honor or AP classes. Check this post to learn more about AP courses in high school. Taking harder courses may give you a hard time at the beginning, but it would help you prepare for senior year and college.

Tip Two: Take SAT or ACT

As a junior, you should have a schedule for taking SAT or ACT at least once for each test during your junior year. Some school districts offer juniors the chance to take SAT for free once, so do not miss that opportunity. And if you eat free lunch, you may get fee waivers for SAT and ACT. Ask your school about the fee waivers and free study materials. And check my post about how to prepare for SAT and ACT.

Tip Three: Apply to Scholarships

It is never too early to apply to scholarships. There are scholarships that are available to high school juniors. Do the research or talk to your teachers about scholarships opportunity. Check this website for scholarships for high school juniors.

Tip Four: Think about College

You should start thinking about which colleges you are interested in applying in the future and what majors you may like. If you do not think about colleges since junior year, your senior year would be stressful. You should talk with your parents and counselor about colleges. Go on colleges’ websites to get the accurate information.

Tip Five: Build Up Your College Application Resume

College admission may require you to submit a resume including all the extracurricular activities and achievements. So you should be prepared for that early. Do not only focus on your academic achievements. Do something you are good at and enjoy. For example, join a sport team or be in a play. Also, you should do community service regularly, because many colleges and scholarships look at your community service or job experience. Another good way to build up your resume is to join clubs. High school has many kinds of clubs depending on the individual school. If your school does not have the club that you are passion about, you could start a club on your own! Talk to the teacher about the club you want to start and they will help you.

Tip Six: Have Fun!

To have a great junior year, having fun with it is necessary. Make happy memories with your friends by participating in many fun school events. For example, you may run for homecoming court and dress up for different themes during homecoming week.

For a checklist for high school juniors, check this link.

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