Tips For High School Seniors

Ah, senior year… A time for fun, a time for preparation. You may find yourself asking, “How does one balance the two?”

If she can balance herself, so can you, high school seniors. (Photo by Clairity)

Often times, the line becomes skewed.

Several of my peers have come to me wondering what the next step is.
It is unfortunate that they should question this during their senior year.

I have compiled several tips from elders and past graduates to help those who seek help.

Here are the tips I’ve compiled:

  1.  Talk to the College/Career administrator often. Being comfortable with the administrators at your school will establish deeper relationship, resulting in a greater inclination to help you, as well as let you “in” on more opportunities if they know you better than most. Please note that I am not advocating friendships with officials at school, as that can prove to be dangerous. Rather, be open when you do talk to them about your goals and things that you need help with.
  2. You don’t have to find a major, but you should find a college with majors of potential interest. Take time to research colleges and decipher what appeals to you. Keep in mind that you do not have to declare a major until your junior year of college, so don’t sweat it!  In college, most students switch their majors several times. For example, the University of South Florida has an outstanding Pre-Medical track.
  3.  If you haven’t already, spend some leisure time helping the community through community or volunteer services. Often times, scholarships and resumes will request information about these matters. Not only is it a great idea to involve yourself with the community, but you may strengthen skills or acquire ones previously unknown to you. Not only will it help you academically, but you may also be able to show your work ethic on future resumes!
  4. Apply for scholarships.These days, nobody has the money for college. Even the wealthiest of people seek help – as should you! Below are five links to my favorite scholarship websites that I frequent.•

    For Floridians, Bright Futures is a scholarship that should be utilized if you have the ability to. With up to your whole college tuition paid off, you’ve got nothing to lose… besides your money! Seniors, it is possible to do all of your community service hours in one school year.
  5. Tips for Home-Schooled Students: Research if you are able to continue your home education your senior year.Often times, one can not graduate without their second semester of senior year at a physical school. If that is the case, I would encourage going to a physical school your full senior year as to grow comfortable with the setting and to strengthen friendships that would not be as strong if it had not been allowed an extra semester to grow.
  6. In any school setting, be punctual and dedicated. Do not get lazy because of “Senioritis.” Many seniors, by their second semester, become lazy, unmotivated, and unhappy with school altogether because they believe their futures are set in stone. The fact is that colleges will be looking at your second semester grades to see how you reacted at the end of your high school career. Act the way you would act if your grades mattered, because they ultimately do.

With all of this being said, have fun! It is senior year after all. Be aware of time constraints and your future, but also remember to have fun. Some will be leaving their homes and will automatically step into the “real world.” Though seniors may not realize it at the moment, we will all miss our parent’s homes and the lack of responsibility that accompanies being a child.


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