Tips for Seniors to Stay Focused in the Last Months of High School

You are in school everyday for around seven hours not including for breaks. You work hard and pay attention in every class. You are constantly being tested and observed to see what and how you have learned throughout the years. You know what you need to know and how to pursue your educational goals. Senior year of high school is an anticipated year because of the perks and the fun from it. There is a lot of serious aspects to the year though. There are stressful situations such as graduating, college, future choices, and having to say bye to familiar faces and people as you move on with your life.


How to keep seniors focused on their walk to their diploma.(photo credit The Library of Congress).

Once you have reached your senior year, you are full of excitement and can barely sit still because you know you will graduate soon. You know that once you walk with that diploma, you are truly starting your life. You must decide what to do with your life and what to make of yourself. You can no longer stay in the nest and rely on your parents, it is time to fly.

There is a time period during the second semester that seniors’ GPA has frozen and that some get what is called senioritis. That is when seniors feel lazy and just want to graduate. Most schools have requirements you must reach to get to exempt exams second semester so that is another reason for seniors to not slack. You have worked so hard for twelve years and months are remaining, how do you stay focused and do your best while waiting for the walk to the diploma.

Seniors  need as much advice as possible. There many tips to be given to help them be guided for the rest of the year.

  • Focus on the Larger Goal: Try not to stress on every homework assignment, project, and test. You may not care about a class or not feel the need to learn but remember that every moment in a class will benefit you in graduating and moving forward. Think about your grades and what you need to further your education so you can do the career you wish. Every step and moment matters, focus.
  • Take Every Task at a Time: Senior year is a very stressful so you end up wanting to throw in the towel and be done already. Don’t. Keep your motivation and keep going. Do not stress yourself out by becoming paranoid by every upcoming event. Focus by the moment but be prepared for the future.
  • Talk to Teachers or Adults: There are a plethora of people around you who have been in your situation. They can help you feel better about your worries. Sometimes all we need are encouraging words to keep us going. Do not be afraid of getting someone’s help.
  • Be proud. Be content: Do not forget to congratulate yourself sometimes and pat yourself on the back. You have made it far and accomplished a lot. Sometimes feeding our pride can make us feel better. You deserve it.

Mistakes are common with seniors because they are so desperate to graduate. The most important is to remember your goals and stay focused. Determination is key.

Education is important and we work very hard to obtain it and make it useful. So when the finish line comes around, do not lose your step or slow down, keep up the pace and claim your trophy.

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