Tips on Studying Math and Science

Math and science are hard in many students’ eyes. No matter what learning style you use ( check this post to learn about different learning styles), you can really improve your math and science grade by learning about the following tips. Some of the tips also work for other subjects:

Keep calm and you will be fine with math and science. ( Photo by ElitaSwagg)

Keep calm and you will be fine with math and science. ( Photo by ElitaSwagg)

Tip One: Before the Class

The beginning of a study cycle should be before you go to the class. Here is what you should do before going to the classes every day:

  • Preview the textbook by fast reading.
  • Take notes the questions you had while reading.
  • Do not panic if you do not understand the knowledge at all, because the purpose of preview is to get familiar with the new topics and have questions ready in your mind.

Tip Two: During the Class

  • Pay attention to the teachers. This really is the “secret” of learning any subject.
  • Think while listening. Your brain should work constantly in class. Having questions is not a bad thing, because at least you are trying to understand the materials.
  • Participate in discussion. Sharing of ideas can make you learn more.
  • Stop the teacher when necessary. Do not feel shy to ask questions.
  • Try to connect the new knowledge with the old knowledge. This will help you understand the new topics, especially for math and science
  • Ask your group mates for help. Many math and science teachers like to divide students into groups, because students who get it can help ones who do not.
  • Use the notes and textbook. Answers and explanations can usually be found in them. Learn how to apply the examples in textbook to problems similar to them.
  • It’s okay to have different ideas. A lot of the time, math and science problems can be solved by several ways. Feel brave to share your own way of doing the problems.

Tip Three: After the Class

  • Do homework on time. Homework are meant to reinforce the memory and practice makes perfect. Also, homework is a part of your grade!
  • Review your notes before the quiz, test or exam.
  • Attend ELP (extended learning program) to get extra help.
  • Find a tutor or study with peers.
  • Make formula sheets. Remembering the formulas is important in math and science class.
  • Keep everything organized. Organized notebook or binder will make it much easier to review.
  • Make flashcards. You can practice formulas or graphs on flash cards.

Tip Four: Taking Math and Science Online?

  • There are many free resources online that can help you study for math and science. Check this math help website and Hippocampus which helps many subjects including math and science.
  • If you are taking math and science online, there are some extra tips other than tips above

1. Use software that assists math and science studying.

2. Manage your time wisely.

3. Join online study groups.

4. Contact your online instructor by phone or email if you have questions.

Tip Five: Believe in Yourself

Do not get scared by math or science. The best way to become good at math and science is to face them positively. If you work hard and use study methods that fit you well, you will be fine! Just keep calm and do the math (science)!

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