Tips On Studying Over the Break

After having regular school weeks for a long time, winter break finally comes. You must want to take the chance to relax and forget stressful schoolwork. However, break does not mean no studying at all. Most of the teachers assign homework to students, so they do not forget the knowledge and will have a strong return from the break. To help you achieve academic goal over the break, here are some tips:

Break does not mean no studying at all. (Photo by: HANNAHisCRAZYY)

Tip One: Go to School On the Last Day Before the Break

It is important for you to go to school on the last day before the break, because it is hard to make up that day after the break. Also, teachers will usually assign break homework on that day. Knowing what the assignments will make life easier later, so you do not have to worry that you have to ask someone about the homework or you would forget any assignment. If you really have to leave school early to travel somewhere, make sure you ask the teachers about homework and make-up schedule before you leave.

Tip Two: Use Your Time Wisely

Make studying plan before the break starts. Do not wish that you could get everything done on the last several days of the break. You should also plan your fun time to have a wonderful but also accomplishing break. You can use the reminder function on your phone to help you keep track of everything. Check this website for winter break fun ideas. And if you live in Tampa area, you should go to the Manatee Viewing Center to see manatees! Winter break is the best time to visit those endangered animals.

Tip Three: Keep Focus While Studying

Focus is important for studying anytime including winter break. Do not waste time by doing multiple things while it is homework time. Check this post to learn some tips on how to keep focus.

Tip Four: Study In a Group

Call your friends and ask them to study together with you. There are many advantages of a learning group. People share and learn all kinds of ideas. And it usually takes less time for a group of people to complete a task. Also, you and your friends can study for the coming semester exams ( for those who are in high school). Quiz each other using flashcards or play jeopardy games.

Tip Five: Take Online Courses

Break is  a good time for you to take or finish up your online courses. For high school students, online courses should be free. Ask your high school counselor about signing up for an online course, especially one that is required for graduation. There are also many interesting courses online that may not be available in traditional school.

Tip Six: Be Creative

Teachers may give students project homework over the break, because there is more spare time. Take the opportunity to put in your creativity and effort. Do the research on the project and go outdoors to practice your idea. You may ask your friends to join you and have a great time!

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