Tips on Writing an Essay

Tips on writing essays and how to stay on task.(photo credit NWABR)

Throughout middle school, high school, and college essays are required. Some students love to write and pour out their minds but some rather define themselves with calculators and equations. We all love different things and are comfortable with different aspects of life. Whether you end up in a career of engineering or english, you will end up needing to know how to write essays and how to write them well. Even if you may not enjoy writing essays, there are ways to get it done well and somewhat enjoy it.

  • Relax Before Anything:

Before you start planning and before you start squeezing thoughts together, take a deep breath and clear your head. Do not stress yourself out or think negative thoughts. Think about what you need to get done and that you will be able to. Look at your computer screen and let your fingers go across the keyboard as you see fit. You know the material, you just need to word it correctly.

  • Focus on the Main Goal or Topic:

Every essay no matter the class or subject, has a main focus or topic that you should be writing about. Try to ignore anything that will distract you from the main topic and do not stray from it. Keep your mind focused on the information and organize it correctly. While you are writing keep the main idea in the center of your mind so you do not forget it and so you remember what you are trying to prove or say. After every paragraph or so, read what you have written to check that you have stayed on topic and followed what you needed to get accomplished.

  • Follow the Planning You Have Made

Make sure to do a plan sheet in order to organize your thoughts and give yourself an idea on how you will write your essay and in what order. You do not have to do exactly what your planning looks like but it is a good way to keep track of what you said and what you still need to say. Trying to write an essay without planning it out first will make your essay sound rushed and unorganized. It sounds like a  waste of time but you have too many thoughts and ideas in your head to remember them all. A planning sheet is a tool to remind you of what to say and why.

  • So What?

In every essay there is a point or something that you are supposed to analyze or figure out. If it is an English essay then you may need to discuss the theme of a book or author. If it is a science essay then you may need to discuss the meaning behind equations or theories and why they were created. The trick is to answer the big question of so what? Why are you writing about the topic and what is its importance? Writing is how we communicate our thoughts and ideas and how we have progressed so it is important to know how to do so and correctly.


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