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Art is famously difficult to define. But whether you’re interested in paintings from the classical masters, the emerging trends in contemporary sculptures or the most outrageous new performance art, you’re sure to find a wealth of news, analysis and insight on these great blogs. With so much information online, it’s easier than ever to stay plugged in to the ongoing dialogue of the art world. Many people have good reason to do so: collectors, patrons, artists, aspiring artists and students. The expression of personal emotions and experiences, as well as social commentary and reflection, combine to make works of art endlessly fascinating for anyone. Read these top 10 art blogs to stay informed.

1.) FAD

This site provides a good mix of contemporary art news, musings on design, images of street art and interviews with artists, designers, and curators. Based in London, FAD gives an excellent overview of the international art scene.

2.) Lines and Colors

Lines and Colors is the go-to site for the latest in illustrations, comics and drawings. As the name suggests, many types of art are covered.

3.) Culture Compass

For those seeking the right balance between the lighter side of pop culture and the heavier realm of high art, Culture Compass is the perfect choice. This site is well known for a clean design, in-depth explorations of emerging trends and a keen editorial staff that highlights only the most important news.

4.) Wooster Collective

If you want to know what’s happening in the world of street art, you simply have to read Wooster Collective. This blog provides daily updates of images, videos, exhibition news and interviews with the best street artists all over the world.

5.) Artinfo

The ultimate insider’s guide, Artinfo provides invaluable information about world-wide art events, job openings and gallery prices. With a crew of eighteen expert blogs, Artinfo offers a wide range of insight and opinion.

6.) Doodlers Anonymous

Doodlers Anonymous is a charming, playful site that allows you to peer into the creative processes and compelling work of many different creators. Featuring the work of professionals and amateurs alike, the blog is a great way to take a break from serious news and savor the simple pleasures of the imagination.

7.) The Cool Hunter

The Cool Hunter is chock full of stunning visuals that you’ll want to show all your friends. While the focus of the blog is broader than art, the site’s undeniable mastery of compelling images makes it a must read for art fans.

8.) Daily Art Fixx

The personal project of Wendy Campbell, Daily Art Fixx offers a frequently idiosyncratic, always insightful lens on the art world. Those interested in women artists, painting and the American scene will find this site especially compelling.

9.) Art Rabbit

Art Rabbit is quite simply the world’s best art listings blog. If you’re looking for a easy to read guide to arts events, there’s no better place than this site.


A crowd-sourced blog of images, FFFFOUND could be described as the YouTube of the art world. You never know exactly what you’re going to find here–the content ranges from photographs of artistic sculptures to digital collages of pop culture imagery–which is a large part of the site’s charm.

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