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The world of English literature is a rich one. From Old English literature like Beowulf to modern literary classics like The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes, what makes good literature is hotly debated. English literature is full of stories that resonate with us, play with the most beautiful aspects of the English language, and make us think about the world around us and our relationship to you. Since part of the joy of literature is in interpreting it, it should be no surprise that there are plenty of excellent English literature blogs, dissecting and discussing the literary works that create new generations of writers.

1. One Hundred Pages – A blog focusing on “best of” English lit lists compiled by the blogger, such as best science fiction novels or most essentially American novels. You can offer your opinions on the best books excluded from her lists in the comments section.

2. William Tarvin’s Literary Blog – William Tarvin is an English literature professor. His blog features explications, handouts and lecture notes from the hundreds of novels he has analyzed as a part of his work in teaching.

3. Reading Matters – A review blog written by literature blogger Kim Forrester. She has reviewed over 700 books, mostly focusing on modern literary works, especially English-language books from Australia and Ireland.

4. The AP College English Blog – A blog set up for students taking an AP English literature class. Though the blogs are written by students rather than teachers or professionals, the posts are insightful and entertaining, inviting discussion about classic literature.

5. Dead White Guys, Etc. – A somewhat tongue-in-cheek, occasionally sarcastic review site looking at many of the mainstays of English literature, written by “dead white guys.” Great for a funny, fresh look at some of the classics.

6. A Penguin a Week – An ambitious reader is making her way through reading as many old Penguin books as she can. Some of these are well-known books most people have read, but there are also quite a few obscure titles she has reviewed.

7. The American Literary Blog – Each blog post is inspired by an anniversary for the day it is posted. He focuses mostly on literary events from the 1800s but has a handful of posts on the literature of the 18th and 20th centuries as well.

8. The Little Professor – This blog focuses on an academic approach to Victorian literature and culture. Even with its focus on academia, the blog finds creative approaches to discussing the topic, such as rewriting famous stories in another author’s writing style.

9. Wuthering Expectations – This blog about 19th century literature has been regularly updated since 2007. The majority of the posts focus on author reading a classic and blogging a series of thoughts on the experience.

10. Tales From the Reading Room – A review blog written by a full-time writer. You can read her blog from beginning to end or glance through her full list of reviews, just scoping out the books that interest you most.

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  1. Dana Shepard says:

    I find English literature to be better than American. English literature touches the problems and rules of high society like Vanity fair, Domby and son. American literature touches their own problems viz civil wars, the fights between high and low society, the difficulties to control the freedom, etc.

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