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Fashion design is the ultimate mix of art and commerce. Runway shows demonstrating avant-garde couture that is famous for concepts, not wearability, prevail over the art side, and utilitarian clothing made for the most unromantic of purposes, like what you’d find at Walmart, is the epitome of commerce. Fortunately most clothes fall in between these two extremes. Customers should buy clothes that are the right price, the right fit, look great, and they should not be swayed by poor craftsmanship with a good name. And most designers should aim to make clothes for both form and function. Given all these factors its hard to understand how you should feel about clothes. Below is a series of blogs that discuss the wearability, business, and importance of the most portable form of art.

1.) Fashion Incubator

Kathleen Fasanelli gives sensible tips for people who want to start their own clothing lines. Blunt and unabashedly technical, she will disabuse you of any romanticism about fashion designers in order to help you become one.

2.) New York Magazine’s The Cut

New York Magazine’s website has a section devoted to bringing you the latest runway shows, reviews of boutiques, street style, and more. With just the right amount of snark and endless pictures, this well-organized site will teach you everything you want to know about the NYC fashion scene.

3.) What I Wore

Ex-fashion designer turned blogger Jessica Quirk shows you what she wears every day. You can comment, get tips, or just enjoy her conversational writing style.

4.) The Sartorialist

This fashion-for-thought blog run by a former GQ editor features street style, commentary on the latest trends, and more. There’s even a book out now, which needless to say makes a great gift for fashion lovers.

5.) Fashion

Vice offers a noncorporate, outsiders’ view of fashion that’s hilarious and priceless. They find the kitschiest, most outside-the-box designers they can to highlight.

6.) The Vintage Librarian

This excellently researched blog deserves some spotlight. She finds the most fascinating obscure things, including videos, patterns, and advertisements.

7.) Fashion of Goodwill

For cheap treats and throwback styles, check this one out. There’s better stuff at Goodwill than you’d think if you’re a creative shopper.

8.) 39th and Broadway

This defunct, no-nonsense site was run by nonfamous fashion designers. Prepare to be disabused of the dream.

9.) Trashness

Trashness is an ironically named blog for unabashedly dapper men. There’s also a store where you can buy interesting jewelry and ties.

10.) Threads Magazine Blog

Here’s some tips for people who like to make their own clothes. All skill sets can benefit.

As you can see, you can approach fashion from many different angles. There’s tons of other blogs out there worth reading, but I wanted to give you a diverse selection to start. Fashion is as important as you think it should be. Think of your time on these blogs as as an artistic and intellectual exercise, rather than figuring out how to be cool and spend money.

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