Top 10 Geography Blogs

Geography is the study of the earth’s places, topography, ecology, and inhabitants. Those who enjoy traveling often view geography as their favorite subject, and based on the number of interesting blogs on the subject many people enjoy exploring the world through geography. Geography blogs display knowledge of countries and culture both textually and visually. Some attempt to dissect land masses using high-tech mapping tools. Many open doors to the imagination that inspire people to view their regional neighbors and their associated homelands from different perspectives. Here are a few geography blogs considered extraordinary.

#1 Students Without Borders

Uniterra is a Canadian-based, philanthropic organization promoting volunteerism and service to others in developing countries. Their website “Students Without Borders” presents geography from a human perspective by matching students with volunteer opportunities around the globe.

#2 Google Sightseeing

The authors of Google Sightseeing harness the power of Google Earth to conduct virtual travel to any place on earth as their cleverly placed passport stamped web pages indicate. Their virtual trips are free, and one does not need to encounter TSA.

#3 Travelography – Experiencing The World

Travelography is a geography blog that also promotes leisure travel, but this work of art is a product of the author Alan Lew’s first hand travels. Travelography presents stunning pictures of exotic landscapes and interesting people.

#4 Edible Geography

The culture and food of various people groups are often closely tied to geography. The Edible Geography blog depicts geography driven food trends from macro levels of industrial nations to the micro levels of secluded villages.

#5 Newgeography

History, politics, and economics all contribute to the subject of geography and the popular Newgeography blog. The site partners with a global economic strategy firm to keep people informed about issues at home and abroad.

#6 Geography Blog From Networlddirectory

The Geography Blog From Networlddirectory explores geography from an environmental perspective. The blog’s authors investigate earth change events and report newsworthy impacts to the environment happening worldwide.

#7 Spotlight On Geopolitics

This geopolitical blog presents the author’s perspective of significant events happening in the world from a strictly European perspective. Spotlight On Geopolitics also provides candid articles about Europe’s most relevant issues.

#8 Real Climate

Real Climate marries elements of geography and environmental science for the purpose of investigating the underlying causes of climate changes. Authentic climate scientists in the field author and moderate the site making the blog an accurate source of world climate change information for laypeople, amateur scientists, and other educators.

#9 National Geographic Blog Central

The well-known magazine that brought the joys and challenges of different cultures to many households for over a hundred years now has a blog. National Geographic Blog Central offers the same fantastic global feature articles and spectacular photography as the standard magazine, but the blog format allows readers to make near real-time comments.

#10 Digital Urban

Living in the Digital Age brings sophisticated changes to urban planning. Dr. Hudson-Smith, a director of a university spatial analysis department, authors the Digital Urban blog hoping to interest others in designing “smart cities” equipped with the latest technology for community use.

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